I Was Ganged Raped By My Boss And Co-workers

In 2001 I was working 5days a week serving food, well my ex-boss& co-worker  decided to take what was not theres (me). They totally ruined my whole life.I was married with two awesome boys..They brainwashed me. I left my husband and kids and went with a co-worker  who was raping me and selling me,I was a herion addict & did'nt even know. My co-worker use to rape me beat me and sell me,,Thank GOD my heavenly Jesus was with me. about a year or so my mom figured it out and backed me out of it slowly. Then I had to deal with all the aftermath of it. It has been a long road but I'm getting better all the time....Thank you Lori

lori1st lori1st
Apr 14, 2010