Life Today..

I have not been on this profile for a few years....I just re read my story I posted when I was sixteen....I was very hot headed. I am now 20...and with time my wounds have begun to heal. I am at university, I have a wonderful boyfriend. But I am scared now that I am getting older and beginning to think of beginning my own family. How can I ever trust anyone? I cant...I don't trust any man. I trust my boyfriend with me, however I am so sad to say that I do not trust even him when it comes to my sister...and I worry how I will be if I ever have children.....

Life is so weird. People hurt people, that should be protecting you. So many crimes in the world, so much hurt and torture. Don't people think when they do these vile things? What could possibly be going through their mind at the time of committing such disgusting, inhumane acts?

I am studying Law, and I hope to become a specialist for children that have gone through sexual abuse like myself. I was forced not to fight my case by my mother...well my mother by name. I hope no one else in this world has to make that decision.

It's true when they say Hell is truly here on Earth.

Blue1234 Blue1234
18-21, F
Dec 6, 2012