It happened at a public park at night around 9pm & I just wanted to walk around & tease some men by walking sexy & show off my sexy curvey ***. I was wearing a tight navy blue pencil skirt with a black longsleeve cotton top & a pair of 2 inch brown leather heels & I was wearing a long auburn red sexy wig.I totally looked sexy, I am a size 8 & gifted with a sexy woman's ***! Well I noticed a couple of older mexican guys around 50ish & kind of drunk.They followed me to the woman's restroom, when I came out they were waiting for me & so I walked straight to my car & they followed me & one guy got right behind me & grabbed my *** & I spun around & said "stop it" the other guy behind me started pulling up my skirt & I just put my hands to my face as I felt my skirt being lifted up above my waist & they saw my red satin panties & they started to pull my panties down & so I dropped to the floor face down so they wouldn't see my penis & I stuck out my *** & they both raped me & cummed in me, left me there & took off.
samantha7541 samantha7541
36-40, M
Aug 16, 2014