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I Was Raped With A Foreign object

Seems unbelievable that I would even use the word rape as promiscuous as I am. However, by definition that is what happened. I am more freaky than most women and rarely say no to any new experience. My requirement is that you ask my permission and/or give me the opportunity to say yes or no. Don't just violate me. I don't **** my husband on the regular because he gets on my nerve. On Thursday, I decided to let him get some. He ran his mouth as usual and killed the whole mood before he ever got any sex. We exchange words, nothing heated or even noteworthy (so I thought). I roll over to go to sleep (I always sleep naked) only to be awakened by a very unpleasant penetration. He had gone downstairs and gotten a cucumber from the fridge. I assume I was sleeping in a sort of fetal position because he had jammed that f'ing cucumber right up my ***** from behind. He was sort of spooning and holding me down. I wasn't wet and it was a huge cucumber. I hollered and told him he was hurting me to stop. The sadistic bastard just jammed it further up my ***** . He was saying something in my ear about if it didn't hurt that meant that I had been ******* someone whose **** is larger than his. How stupid is that? Of course I am but not a hard, cold, inflexible, pesticide covered vegetable with a 5 or 6 in diameter and nearly a foot long. And certainly not without being wet. He hadn't previously played with the ***** or anything. We are talking just jamming this cucumber all the way without warning. The more I squirmed and whimpered the more he jammed that thing inside me. My wiggling made it feel like he was shifting gears on a manual transmission. It tore me slightly. I don't even know if he washed the thing.

Don't get me wrong, I have been penetrated by foreign objects before but I knew it was going to happen. I wanted it to happen. My body was lubricated and prepared for it to happen.

My mind was a thousand places at once - hurting him as soon as I got free, what about pesticides in my *****, how long will it take to heal before I can have sex with my lovers, will one of my lovers kick his *** for this, how violated I felt, no one else would ever dare do this to me, how deficient must you be to resort to this. The thoughts just kept coming. I could feel tears running from my eyes - anger and pain. He only stopped because his nephew knocked on the bedroom door wanting permission to open a bottle of whiskey on the bar. I was so in shock. I got up cleaned myself (inside and out). The next morning I told him how badly he had physically hurt me. He just sort of smirked. I could not even where a thong or bikini's comfortably.

B2 and I went out last night (we always go dancing on Friday nights). He mentioned that the nephew said he heard me crying. B2 asked if I were alright - I was in a funky mood, would not dance - only sat there and drank all night. I was amazed at how much shame I felt. B2 knows that a good **** always improves my mood. When he volunteered to hook me up (we usually **** on Fridays anyway) I declined. I told him what his brother had done to me. He first laughed because he thought I was playing. I showed him the bruising on my wrists and arms from being restrained. When he realized that I was serious, he became very angry. I told him he could not say or do anything about it because it would raise suspicion about the two of us. After all, why would he care if my ***** was sore?

I have plenty of vices but I don't think I deserved this. In all honesty, had I been approached correctly, I probably would have let him do it anyway - without tearing me up. But this was not about freaky sex. Nor was this punishment for or notice of acknowledgment of my affiars. He does not know or else he would have done something else. I know this because this is not the first time he has forced himself on me but this did something to me emotionally. I hate this man so much. I continue to sleep with his brothers for a variety of reasons one of those being - private revenge. Everytime he does something to me, I **** one of them.

B1 does not know yet. He has sworn that if I ever come to his bed with another mark on me from his brother's abuse, he will hurt him. I've been dodging him. We have not ****** since Wednesday and I know he's not going to keep waiting to see me. He is going to be at my home tomorrow (6 of the 8 brothers watch football here every Sunday). B2 may even point out the bruises to B1. At any rate, it will be known by B1 by Monday at the latest and I fear what is going to happen. If B1 and/or B2 defend me too aggressively, this could get very messy and all my relationships may become public knowledge. As much as I want to punish my spouse for this, my instincts say let it go before I create a bigger problem.

My ***** is healing - for this I am thankful. However, that ******* put the cucumber in my bedroom refrigerator. Not only is that unsanitary but clearly calculated to **** with me. I don't know what is going to happen but I do know, I have stopped sleeping naked and that it will be an awfully long time before I consent to sex with him again (worded this way because I've been told to never say never - even though in this case it feels right). The world's biggest ***** or lowest life form deserves to feel safe in her own home, in her own bed with what is supposed to be her own husband. "Stop. You are hurting me", "WTF" are all words that mean stop what you are doing to me that I am not enjoying the experience. Not to mention trust. I cannot **** you in a freaky way if I can't trust you not to hurt me. Neither B1 nor B2 would ever hurt me. B1 is a real freak and has searched for my approval - either verbally, body language, eye contact or whatever, every time he has done anything that we had not previously discussed. Usually we talk about stuff but sometimes in the heat of the moment new stuff presents itself. He knows (and I am sure my so called husband does too) when I don't want something to happen.
avcaramelone62 avcaramelone62 46-50, F 5 Responses Oct 10, 2010

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Thank you for sharing your story.

Any news on a divorce ?

Call the police??

I think we should tie him down and make him watch you **** someone with a large penis so feels more inadequate than you feel about what he did to you. You need to get that ****** where it hurts.

Your husband is a jerk