We walked into the living room. A Man was sit talking with my mom, on the sofa. Not worried Alex , my best friend from preschool, and I Whent in my room to study. Now Alex and I are like brother and sister. Our parents let us sleepover at one another's houses. When the other was away. We have even shared beds and tents,When our family's vacationed together. We were that close. He whould Stand up for me, and I whould stand up for him. Just as we were getting out our homework the frount door slammed rocking the house. And then the back door slowly was opened and shut. I figered the man had left and my mom had gone for a drive. But I was wrong. The door to My bed room opened and a man came in.he was huge but well build. A mask covered his face. Pulling out a gun he ordered us to my bed. Scared I looked at Alex a look of pure fright covered his face. Next he told me that I was going to be raped. Alex instinctively Put a arm in frount of me. The man laughed and said "I am not going to rape her you are or she dies." pointing the gun at me He told me to remove my clothing. Scared and shaking I slowly Began to undress. My cheeks were bright red. Now I am a large Thighed and belly girl. Also I was covered in stretch marks. I was not a pretty shight whith out my clothes. My eyes were on the floor and so was alexs , so the man told him to look at me. Now naked I chould feel both the men's eyes on me. The man ordered Alex to undress too. With in a few minutes we were both naked. The man ordered us back on the bed Alex on top of me. He forced Alex to lick me and me to lick Alex. Finally he to Alex to **** me. shakeing he Positioned him self over me., and slowly entered me. I chould tell he was being careful. After wards when it was over the man covered our mouths with clothesAnd we fell asleep. When I woke up I started to cry. He held me not intamently but comfertingly. We cleaned up my blood stained bed, and washed off. Just as we finished up my mom got home. I told her that a man come by, and she seemed to understand. We have told no one. But years later we are nowed married, and are still best friends.
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It's amazing and weird what turns people on sorry dear at least you have moved on

Why didn't you come to the police?

bad things happen but at least something good came out of it

That is sad and Sweet! (Hate the man, Love the married!) :)

omg alex would not of done this... cant beleive someone would even suggest so glad your still bestfreinds what you went threw together must of brought u both together... bad things happen all the time to people.. its good that you can over come this in this wats and move on.. not many people can say that..

But why would he? When it happend he was as scared as I was.

Thanks i am hoping to find who did this

I am sorry this happened to you.