This Is My Experience

When i was 8 yrs old I had a babysitter and every-time my parents or my brother would leave he at first would just touch me in places i didn't like. Then he started raping me he would tie me down so i couldn't move he put a sock over my mouth so i couldn't scream then after he was done he would tell me not to tell anyone and say if you tell ill hurt you, then he would keep doing the same thing to me until i was 10 i finally came out and told my parents what he had done when we tried to tell the police i could not believe this that they were on his side and my dad was very angry so he took matters into his own hands and put my rapist in a full body cast and a wheelchair. It is just now that I'm admitting my rape on this site cause everyday i wish i could have been strong enough to tell someone when it was happening but i was so afraid i thought he would kill me. I remember all this like it was yesterday here i am now 18 and pregnant with my boyfriends child but still ever since my rape I'm still to this day insecure about my body and it also made me not able to trust anyone i have promised myself when my baby is born i will never let anyone hurt him/her i would not want my baby going through what i have been through and its still very difficult to say all this. If you have been raped i know how you feel not being able to erase the memory of a tragic time. Or take a while to admit it to someone who could help.
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Sorry dude.

Can't imagine how being raped would feel.