The Camping Trip

A number of years back my boyfriend insisted I go on a camping trip with he and his friends in the smokey mountains. I was the only girl with four guys. My bf and i had discussed a lot of my fantasizes about having a ********. it was something that we did not ever agree we were going to do, especially we did not discuss it for the camping trip, it remained something we talked about during our sex. Many times we role played a rape scene.

So we went on the camping trip that evening we made camp in a clearing off a trail. There was no one around for miles. After dinner we were all drinking a bit, but the next thing I knew I was pushed to the ground and held down. My bf said just relax this is what you wanted as they took my clothing off. I tried to kick and scream to get them off of me but they were too strong. One by one they all ****** me. each ended up having two turns with me me before the night ended. They next morning I woke up naked and bruised lying on the ground. For some reason this kinda started my sexual crazy side as you can see by my other stories.
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That's ******* hot as hell

Did you enjoy it then or just later?

please add i have a tent

add me

A wonderful awaking!

I love having sex outside in the woods...never been in a gang bang though...

I'm always fascinated to hear the nexus of people's fantasies and kinks. Thanks for sharing.