Rape As A Way To Convince A Stubborn Girl

There is the type of rape that is inflicted by angry men who hate women.  It's not personal, and it's bad and twisted.  I'm not talking about that kind of rape.

I was raped repeatedly by a man who wanted me to be addicted to him and what he does to and for me.  He wanted me to marry him, and I wasn't interested.  I resisted, and didn't want to or plan to fall for him.  I told him it was just about sex, that I had no intention of staying with him.  He insisted on seeking me out, and  ******* me hard and violently, whether I wanted it or not, no matter where we were or what I had to do.  I didn't leave him because deep inside me, I loved how personal it felt, how obsessed he was with me, and how often he ****** me -- up to 20 times a day! The sex was the best I've ever had, really spectacular stuff!  And when he was too tired to get it up, he ate me -- he used his teeth, chewed me, made me scream!  He also fingerbanged me and kissed and groped me till I begged to be left alone.  He never left me alone when we were together, though. All that time, I kept telling him to leave me, to find someone who deserves his devotion, that I wasn't in love with him.  But the truth is, his forced and hard sex made me into his ****.  I couldn't get satisfaction from other men or women after what he'd done to me.  He was right, I grew addicted to his brand of sex.

I have to admit that now he never has to rape me -- and boy, do I miss it!  I just want him in me all the time any way I can get him, but I totally miss the violence and unexpected attacks on my mind and my body.  I wear his ring now, and I anticipate and fully enjoy his ****, fingers, and mouth in any hole he wants to invade.  Sometimes, being a rapist does help in accomplishing your goal if the girl you want to trap is a nympho at heart.

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7 Responses Feb 16, 2010

phantasiexoxo, i do, and yet i've been with him for years now. he got what he wanted, and it turned out it was what i wanted, too. yeah, it doesn't sound right, but i am grateful that we found each other over and over.

oh man, you need help

aktor, i'll admit... i am often skittish about our relationship, but he's learned to just **** the hell out of me, and i'll come around to whatever he's thinking ... i'm addicted to what he does to me.

to say the least xox quite nice

aktor, I assume you liked my experience?


thanks for reading and commenting, thebigmyth! i complained to my lover that the intensity was gone, and i'd give anything to get it again. in response, he spent a weekend raping me and beating me, i have no idea how many times i'd ***. but i had a hard time keeping hydrated and fed, important things in a rape plan! ;) so, he's not perfect, but any man who can possess me like that gets to keep my holes to himself!