My Older Brother Raped Me And My Sister

when i was 4 to 5 years my older brother  started raping me i didn't know what was happening and it kept repeating until 4 Th grade when i started realizing what was happening. i cried to my mom and explained what had happened and she told me not to tell my dad and she would talk to him. and when i was 13 teen i was putting my clothes in the dryer and he came to me and told me to come with him. i was confused but i went and he told me to sit down. he said rember what we use to to do i will pay you if you do it again . i felt disgusted and shocked i got up and left and since then its been awkward when i started Jr high my sister came to me and told me what had happened to her and how he came to her while she was sleeping. when she was a kid he had raped her.she told me a lot of her stories and i related to her and how she told me that   mom  repeated the same thing she'll talk to him.

since then i just hated his guts i had nightmares since then of someone pulling me and dragging, and shacking me and i would always have a melt down and freak out when i remembered. in 11th grade me and my sis had the courage to tell my dad and he
was shocked in a way. when we told our dad our mom jumped in the conversation saying that he didn't and he swore  to god he didn't of course my dad didn't believe us he said he would investigated . the proof was there when my mom told my dad that we had came to her when we were kids its weird because she acts like she is hurt even thought she defends him and still does i was sick and fed up with it so i asked my dad if me and my sister can leave to another state to move in with our relatives and he said alright that same day my mother went downstairs and locked her self with that monster aka our brother and guess what happened.  my mom told my dad that our brother should live with our relatives where we wanted to go though she knew that's where we wanted to escape and forget when my brother left.

everyone in our family were  acting fxcked up to us saying we got what we wanted and that it was are fault he left.

and my second to older brother had knew what had happened to us and he told me and my sister to forgive and forget. how can you if its traumatizing. our own mother blamed us for what had happened she believes that  its our fault  still to this day were the outcasts in our family and when ever we want to go out she would make rude remarks its sad look what the world has come to know its time to say **** you and im reaally 17 and my sister is 16 its hard to let it go i tryed so many times but it hurts deeply like some one riped out my heart i dont know if i should get tharpy or some thing what do you think????
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Honestly, your sadness is caused by yourself, you had a choice to feel the way you felt and instead of thinking for yourself, you chose to buy into the bullshit standards set by our lawmakers who are perverts themselves. Your sadness is a choice and you're unable to let go, because of a few reasons. 1.) Because you're an attention seeker, 2.) Because you listened to all the idiots, who ****** up their own lives, and unfortunately after being accustomed to their stories, you have come to understand what happened to you was a totally unnatural, horrific experience, when really, this kinda stuff goes on with brothers and sisters all the time. It really depends on how you go about it, that'll effect your life in the long term. You decided to go about it in a ridiculous way, after being guided by other morons, and ultimately, now you feel as though your brothers to blame that your life is falling apart. No, he's not to blame. Blame those morons who have brainwashed you into thinking you're some messed up freak, when really, your a normal person, with a normal family. Blame yourself, for buying into their bullshit, because you're not the first sister to be ****** by her brother, you were just confused when it happened and instead of thinking for yourself, like a lotta girls, who enjoy the experience and makes them closer to their brothers, you listened to the idiots of the Internet who made you feel like a messed up freak even though 90% of those jerks have endulged in brother/sister/cousin sexual activity before. Which is why they're on those websites/ forums. Anyways, I'm done ranting, if you don't want to understand what I'm saying here, it's up to you. You'll only be continuing your self hurt.

In addition, the majority of these idiots leaving comments on here have absolutely 0 self experience, so they can't relate to what happened to you, so they can't help you. Telling someone, "I'm sorry this happened to you," doesn't ****** help anything. Just shut the **** up if you're not qualified to help someone, because your imput, isn't making things better, it's making things worse.

I'm sorry to say this happened to you. Yes, your family is ****** up. You should contact the police, as they can help you more than your own family - which is extremely sad.

wtf i'm so sorry this happened to you, but this is the way parents operate. the mother tends to always stick up for her sons while the father is the one who is left sticking up for the daughters, so i am so sorry this happened. this happened to me too but my mom didn't do anything about it she just tells me to let it go like wtf kind of a mother tells their own child to just let it go after they have been violated so grotesquely.... i'm so sorry

Sorry to hear about that, I'm a father of a beautiful 14 year old girl. Yesterday I found out my daughter was raped over the thanksgiving weekend by her 24 year old half brother. Needless to say I was the last to know about it. The police are involved. And I will make her brother pay for what he did... as for her mother, my daughter half brother told her what he did..... and when the police asked her mother about it, she denied her son had confessed to her. Right in front of her daughter. But her mother finally confessed on what her son said.... it was wrong for your mother as it is wrong for my daughter mother to do that... I feel your pain and my daughter's pain... as a father I feel so helpless and worthless, because a father is supposed to protect their children. Even when the parents are no longer together.
My heart goes out to you and your sister. God bless.

If you want him humiliated, and you want revenge.... go to the national media and/or shows like jerry springer, and make your family suffer socially, you don't have to lay a finger on them and they lose everything. If you wanna go the pacifist rout, go to a friend and talk, or find a partner, date a very good friend. it can help you heal sexually like it did me and gain trust back, you'll have your life and you'l have happiness and revenge by having that happiness..... just don't do both, you can't have your cake and eat it too.

I once felt my mom-up while she was popping pimples on my face

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Tell someone you trust but first make sure your sister wants to tell her side of the story too. Try writing down what you remember from each encounter and write about things your mother and father did in response as well as how it made you feel. Tell a counsellor or teacher you trust.

if I was there id beat the living **** out of that ****** brother of yours . and ur mother is a stupid ragged ***** she ****** up and probably a closet pervert. and I pretty sure u can get her in trouble for covering up child rape. either way look up emancipation for u and ur sis.if u got questions hit me up on facebook john hilt city lee summit
Good Luck

im sorry for what happened to you nobody should go through what u went through


The same happened to me, and my sister, we were sexually assaulted by our brother, we told our family and he got kicked out of the house for a while... Now we are married, our husbands don't know about it... And we never bring it up in the family we act as if it didn't happen, my sister talks to my brother, i find it so hard to look at him without remembering what happened, i keep my communication with him to the least, but in the same time i dont cut him off because i dont want my husband to ask questions. The other day a friend of mine told me her story, and the same happened to her by 2 of her step brothers, both kept sexually assaulting her until the age of 18, than she ran away from home, she couldn't tell her parents about it, but she told her sister which did nothing about it and defended her brothers, she went to the school counsellor and she didn't involve docs, burley because the girl was worried about her parents health issues, but its upsetting because she was under age and no matter what the counselor should have intervened, the poor girl was let down by her family and the system. Now she gets scared of guys, and she feels disgusted every time a male looks at her, she became a lasbian even though she is muslim, which is against our belief, but i cant judge her, because if she cant trust her family or the system or man, that was her only choice...

I am so sorry to say this but Islam is a religion which advocates for violence against women and makes abuse against women and a culture of violence very easy to exist and be justified.

Cut off your brothers **** kill your mom live w/ relatives there.

Go, I could hook you up with some weed, take that weed, go chill by the park and ask your self why the hell did you write such a story. Oh and I could hook you up with a bro, he writes books, maybe you can help him it seems your pretty good at lying and making up stories

Read all of that. I dare you. There are 3 parts. Older brothers do rape and molest their little sisters. It happens more often than you think. When a little girl or boy is raped it's usually by someone in their own family. I don't believe she is making it up. And I'm not going to call her a liar and imply that she needs drugs and it's all her imagination. I'm not going to do that because I'm not a coward who would rather bully a victim of abuse and dismiss her without a thought because what she says makes me too uncomfortable.

You are brave and admirable. I appreciate you sharing your story, there is nothing wrong with you or your sister, but your brother and mother need help. Your brother should be in jail and your mother evaluated. This saddens my heart so much. I have a set of cousins who are twins, a boy and a girl and the brother has raped all three of his sisters. No, one knew that outside of their home, but today one of the girls called my aunt. She said she can hear her sister screaming from the other room from being raped by her demented 32 year brother. My aunt called the police. I hope they put him beneath the jail and your brother too. You brother does not need his actions dismissed, but he needs to pay for his wrongdoings. I don't think I could ever love the person that allowed someone to hurt me knowingly-your mom. Pray and you and sister should become advocates, the world needs you! God bless!

Firstly your mum is sick in her head how can her reaction be"I'll talk to him" OMDZ I can't even start on what my mum would do plus your family blaming you for what happens...pfft I can even ...

I lol'd so hard my **** fell off.
Her spelling is already horrible, jesus christ this is the best **** ever happened.
Why don't you defend yourself? Call the police, christ.
There are a lot of reasons. Her brother is gone and her family has moved on even if she and her sister haven't. Her family thinks the problem is solved. Her parents are probably afraid of getting in trouble. By the way, someone who was a victim of in-cest who was then later abused by their family because of it doesn't strike me as the type of kid to give a damn about school and grammar. Just what the heck does her grammar have to do with anything? It doesn't make the content illegitamate as far as you or I can know. Bad grammar means it's a lie? How the hell do you come to that conclusion? Ohhh because it's unthinkable for a brother to do this and for parents to cover it up? Right because it's never happened before lmao. And if she can't spell that's just another reason to hate her.and make fun of her. Rape victims are made fun of because other people want to distance themselves from the horror that it could have happened to them. Not only did she make you feel uncomfortable for a minute which made you annoyed, her grammar sucks. So that must completely and totally make anything she is trying to say worthless and laughable?
How can you laugh at rape and in-cest? Why don't you think about your father or brother putting their **** inside you so many times that you don't even question it anymore? Why don't you think about how you were raised to love your father and brother and raised to forgive family when they hurt you? Why don't you think about how much of a mind screw it would be to be betrayed by your own father or brother? To feel like your body was betraying you? To feel dirty inside and out?
And then think about how funny it is to everyone you tell who doesn't take you seriously.

But i dont suggest to run away..... :P

You should say that he RAPE you and you and your sisiter didn't like it. And if your mom and family don't belive you, this is what I would do : i'd start acting weird and would run away and left a note saying "You didn't belive me... What kind of family are you?"

Dude that can make stuff worse

Do not run away. There has to be someone you trust, a friend's mother. Your grandmother on your father's side. Do not run away!

"You should say that he RAPE you and you and your sisiter didn't like it. "
this made my day.
If you rape(= YOU HAVE SEX WITH HIM WITHOUT HIM/HER ALLOWING/WANTING/LIKING IT) doesn't it ALREADY mean she didn't like it? Jesus christ.

tell all his friends an everyone who knows him what happened to you. it will be hard but atleast it will **** up his life. then join the army for 8 years learn how to fight then comeback an **** up your family. then get born again through christianity to reclaim that innocence brah.

Cut off his *****

Have you seen Dexter Morgan...the tv show, well he has the solution, sometimes i wish dexter was real to stop rapist...

Ur family if ****** up girl sorry to say that but it is the truth

There is no reason to just accept your family's injustice. You and your sister have been wronged and have more than enough reason to leave these people who despite being 'family', don't care about you. There must be some deep rooted issue here if they don't have the courage to punish their child and admit that their child has wronged another of their own child. It'll be hard to move on, but you have your sister by your side. There is no reason to stay and suffer, you and your sister should start a new life.

You should go to school

Gosshhh ! Thats a very harsh story why would your mom not tell your that but why did you &. Your sister waited all these years well i think you should go to therapy because I can see that this got you bad

I mean "dad" not "that"

are you sure it wasn't your own fault? did you entice him? maybe you wanted more than just sex from him and when you realized that's all it would or could ever be, then you cried? be sure to take a hard look in the mirror before blaming someone for your sexual choices.

What a jerk, if someone is raped it wasn\'t their sexual choice, you have to be very stupid to even think that and not understand what rape is or even the pain it brings. You have no business even reading this story if you make such an insulting comment as that.

Lesion here u peace of **** I work with the kids at my church and young adults no matter what he raped them not they rape him so shut up and quit blaming the girls k ?

Are you stupid or what???!!!
She was 4 or 5 years back then and didn't knew what was happening.
Gosh, forgive this moron for typing this.

This is supposed to be for poik93

I mean this comment : Are you stupid or what???!!!
She was 4 or 5 years back then and didn't knew what was happening.
Gosh, forgive this moron for typing this.

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I think that the parents in my case guradians in ths situation dont understadn how to deal with the madness and not get the son in trouble. How would you feel if he did jail time? What punishment would be suitable? I feel that if you did futher dicuss this with your family they would still judge you and look down on your family even worse. I have never told my family any of what happen to me for that reason. You are the ***** from that day who will never have her virginity to give away wilingly.. I looked to the bible for a resolution. Getting married is out of the question and you cant get your next brother to kill him so.... I ask what will make you whole agian? To know and love yourself for who you are and not to people and things predetermine your life is the best comfort I could find. I channel my anger into independent self suffiecent work. Do I break down, yes? you need to understand the difference between dealing with and having a handle on situations. Dealing breaks you handling makes you.

I am deeply sorry about what happened and I want to tell you that you did the right thing by telling your mother what was going on.
I definitely do not think you should just let him get away with what he did because what he did was wrong. No one should touch a girl without her consent. Society tends to blame women for things that aren't even our faults, but keep in mind that you did nothing wrong. Your soul is beautiful. Don't ever blame yourself no matter what people say.
I want you to find help from local community and I sincerely hope for a better future for you, your sister and for all women where we do not have to suffer in male-dominating society.

Did they do the right thing?
Sorry to tell this, but the mother is wrong in the head...

I just found out my mother was brutally raped by possibly more than just one brother when she was about 13. It seems she may have gotten pregnant and they took and gave away that baby girl. My family also acts as if my mom is a bad person for talking to me about this, like she is a bad person for not being able to keep quiet. It makes me sick and I dont know what to do.

I'm sorry not all men r like that but I would have killed him I don't like that stuff just like hitting a girl ant right

Please get help. Go to your school counselor or go to clinic or hospital and seek help. It is NOT your fault or your sisters fault. Report him to the police. If he was evil enough to hurt his own sisters, he will likely hurt others. I am sorry your parents didn't show support. Best luck to you and your sister.

my sister raped me befor

This really makes me cry Why? Because the same thing happend to me but not only my brother but my cuzine too:( I was 8 and i was sleeping in the living room and so was my brother and my cuzine and in the middle of the night i went to the restroom and they had woke up and told me if i was cold and i said yes and they told me to sleep in the guest room and i just look back and they were following me and i told them that i was going to sleep on the bed and they did too and i was not to freaked out cause it was my brother i knew he wouldnt hurt me so it was like 2 in the morning and i couldnt sleep and i just feel hands on my leg going up and i told them who was touching me and It was dark and all i could hear "Shh we wont hurt you" I just felt my heart racing and i was terrified and couldnt move i was thinking"Get up and run!" But i couldnt move and i just felt a fist in my head and that made me fell asleep. When i woke up i touched my forehead and it was hurting and i was extreamly cold I got up and turn on the lights and i looked down and my shorts was on my ankle and my shirt hanging on my neck i came to tears i didnt know what to do i put my clothes back on and went to the kitchen and my mom was their and she saw me and asked"What happend to you" I was going to tell her but they came down the stairs and just gave me an evil stare i came to tears and never told her From that day forward i can't "Forgive And Forget" it's a very scary moment that i cant even tell my loved ones i NEVER told anyone only i told you guys Cause if i tell my loved one they will just think im lying to get attention or just fooling around they dont take me seriously so i just kept my mouth shut:( i never told a soul cause i know that they would judge me.

That is so sick

i'm sorry, it's just **** up.

Okay I'll tell you somthing i was raped by my brother also but i was 8 years old and my dad walked in and was shocked and emberessed and then my dad told mom and then they talked to my brother and it never happend again... there is more but im to lazy to type it all...

ive forgoten the password to the ^ one above <br />
um well we ended up reporting and and the police havnt done anything about it.<br />
the day we reported was because, all of us were yelling at eachother and one of are brothers started trying to hit my younger sister so i ran in to stop the fight and i didnt see them pretty much taking her to the other room were 4 of them were holding her on the bed hiting her and so on she was able to get away from them yes and thats when we went out and asked are neighbor for there phone to call the police were we reported the attack and the rape too them they told us too right down a form thing and while we were doing that they went inside the house to talk to them and my father my mother and my sisters and brothers all lied to the police saying he never did that a and that we attacked them first. and also lied to the police saying he was not living with us. (he came back to live with us) well when the officers came and they told us that they had said he wasnt living there we told them he was then they went back in when they came out we had found out that are parents and everyone when else also lied about his age saying he was only 20 which he is 25.. so the police were no help so far they have done nothing.

your brother should be jailed and get counseling. i could not rape a blood relative,adopted or foster sibling , cousin including women not related by blood. ****** rape is wrong when a sister or brother or cousin does not give consent

If you don't do anything, you will only stress it through the years until you have a really bad problem , where as you cant eat drink talk etc because you feel so alone and like nobody's listening. you and your sister should get help now before it gets worse.<br />
Your family is obviously not there for you girls, so don't rely on them. Go to your school counselor and let them take it from there.

If you don't do anything, you will only stress it through the years until you have a really bad problem , where as you cant eat drink talk etc because you feel so alone and like nobody's listening. you and your sister should get help now before it gets worse.<br />
Your family is obviously not there for you girls, so don't rely on them. Go to your school counselor and let them take it from there.

When I was 12, I got up the courage and with my heart in my hand, I told my mother that I had been raped. She got very upset and without even asking me one question about what had happened she started placing blaming on me. I came to her for much needed help and comfort and I was shocked and hurt that she responded this way. I didn't know what to say, I was only 12 and did not know how to defend myself from the rapist or her words. I was devastated. She added insult to injury and to this day (many years later) I don't know what hurt worse being raped at age 12 or having my mother betray me in such cruel way. I never confided in her again. I endured more abuse for years in silence as I had no courage to come forward.

they r not ur brothers they r indeed a form of devil...<br />
<br />
My dear sister, i am very sad to hear ur story. May the creator of the worlds give u patience and peace in ur life.<br />
<br />
This is why we believe in the day of judgement, as in the Qurans translation it is mentioned "And whoever does an atom's weight of evil will see it." & "So whoever does an atom's weight of good will see it,". The creator of the universe will ask him, and punish him for his wrong doing.<br />
<br />
Therefore, we have this concept of female covering themself in Islam, this guards there modesty, and keep them away from evil eyes and sex hungry guys.<br />
<br />
The only way to understand the purpose of life, it to read the final testament which is called the Quran, to believe in the One Almighty, and follow his book to live a clean & peaceful life. And it has been preserved by the creator himself, it talks about how to lead the complete life, and attain true peace.

I have read some of the Quran and I have lived in the Egypt so I know how wonderful certain aspects of Islam is.

Im glad ur a person of open mind, heart and soul =)

Well i suggest u to take out time and read the complete Quran, and I promise u, all the aspects of Islam r wonderful!!


I agree with Rickibrat2 and Mach2821 that it should not be covered up and reported to someone outside the family, mainly because the sexual abuse of two young children is not an isolated event for your brother. Something was set in motion in his brain that cannot be changed, and you can predict that your silence will insure that this will happen to others, mayby to his own children when and if he has children. It is possible to report it through a third party, like a school counselor, so that it can come from someone outside the family. It may indeed tear your family apart in a sense, but will be better for you and your family in the long run. Imagine your guilt and your sister's guilt when he gets caught doing this to another child (or if he doesn't get caught and you hear about it years later).

Please don't hide it and consult with your father again to take serious action against your brother, he has physcoligical problems and is abnormal.

You poor thing. This should not be covered up.....he is in bad need of counseling and I am sure, that after what he put you though, you need some help too. Why your parents hid this, by sending him off to live with a relative, I will never understand. He is going to victimize another young girl one day and then he will end up in prison. I advise you to seek help from one of the social services agencies.

sorry the best thing is to report it to the police and let tem at least note it

>tells police got raped
>they ask for proof
>get raped again
yeah right nice logic dude