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Raped And Inpregnated By Brother

i was 10 years old when i was raped by my older brother. he told me it was my fault and that i should have changed and it wouldn't have happened to me. well one of the times he raped me i got pregnant i had the baby at 11 and put it up for a closed adoption. it hurts me daily and now me and my brother dont talk that much. no one knows about him raping me except my fiance. i am now 16 and am severelly depressed from the rape and baby and im currently going to a counselor who doesnt know what to say. i dont really think anyone would unless theyve experienced it themselves.
smilesbig smilesbig 16-17, F 17 Responses Aug 9, 2011

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Would u want to b penpals

Know this it is not your fault it is your dumbass brothers fault don't blam yourself for his crime so remember this and I'm here for you as a friend

How come your parents don't know about the baby or you getting rape by your own brother?

I agree... how does this happen with out the parents knowing?

Cut off his prrick.

The people at whatever hospital you went to to have the baby are idiots! They should have asked you things like who the father was and why you were having sex at such an early age! They should have assigned you some kind of social worker, who should have investigated. The adoption agency should have started asking questions! Please change counselors or something. It's only been five years, so it might not be too late to have your jackass brother locked up.

You were raped that is not your fault that was done to you against you will. and you need to talk to someone it's good you are going for counselling but you to talk. Yes it will be hard but at the end it will be worth it.Never let the bad people win if you do that it's like they win twice and that should never happen take the high road if they get into trouble that's there fault not yours they did this to you. No matter what they say it's still there fault. Good luck


Be my friend

It was Not YOUR FAULT!!!!!!! iF you girls can hear me inwardly.

Hahahahaha.. WTF!! what language is this?

I hope you commit to getting help. I was molested by many from you. My brother started on me at 10 too. It was full fledge by the time I was 12. I got pregnant twice. Aborted 1, miscarried the other by the time I was 13. Now I'm 28, and Im a mess!!!!!Most of my family acts like I wanted it> Feel horrible!!!!!!! Still struggling because i tried to act like everything was okay. If I would got help sooner, I would be okay now

If Youre ever abused, or threatened, Or 'ripped off' etc etc, You Should ALWAYS TELL someone in authority.......................... You MUST ! !

Perhaps you need a better counselor... That's absurd she doesn't know what to say.. then what was she trained for and what is she getting paid for?? I was raped by my brother, although I was 20.. but I didn't tell anyone for a long time, and when I did they didn't believe me. It was semi-violent, extremely emotional and it's been 10 years and I'm still going to therapy. However, yes, this forum can help.. my online friends are the only thing that kept me alive after what happened to me.. I'm on my 3rd therapist but I FINALLY found one that I like and that has the brains enough to listen and make me feel good about myself. Seriously, try another counselor, all of us in this type of situation need to have some sort of talk therapy. I don't know what it feels like to have a closed adoption, but I've had an abortion and had to deal with the nightmares for years.. not kidding... years and I can only wish I had gone the adoption route, but I was a coward and I have respect for you for doing that. Chin up, life gets better. :)

Will you try and find your baby when you get older? Good for you in being a hero and keeping it for adoption rather than killing it before it was born.

Counselors rarely say a lot. Their aim is not to tell themselves, but to make you tell and spit out your pain, disgust, shame, all the dirt, dust and anxiety. Empty yourself either through talk or painting or music.<br />
<br />
One more thing: start the diary and write there everything you want to say to your baby. It will work for you and maybe once you'll be able to give it to your child.

Empty yourself by Either telling your parents, Or telling the teachers at school, Or the Police / Social Services.........

This is horrible. If my brother raped me I would hate my life. I hope you get better in conusling.

Its a case of the person that did the crime blaming the victim so they do not have to take any responsablity for what he did.YOU ARE IN NO WAY IRESPONSABLE FOR WHAT HAPPENED YOU HAD NO POWER AT THAT AGE AT ALL.your brother is in denial. you are so young there is always not protect your keeping the secret.he is wrong you are not.

It was not your fault.<br />
It must have been dreadful.<br />
I'm sorry that happened.