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I'm Your Sister..why?

I was 7 when my older brother started touching me. At the time he was 14, he knew it was wrong but I didn't..He would sneak into my room at night while I slept, and touch me. I would wake up some times and think nothing of it, but one day he got rough. I had just come home from a friends house next door and my mom was leaving for work, leaving my brother to watch me. I was in the tub when he yelled upstairs to put my towel on and come in his room real quick. I did as I was told and he was like come get under the covers with me I did, but when I got under he was naked and had rope and tape. He tied me to the bed and taped my mouth shut, he put his tounge between my legs, then his fingers. I was crying trying to make him stop because it hurt so bad. Then he came to my face took the tape of and put his penus in my mouth,  I remember almost throwing up severl times. Then he said, "good it's wet." He put his penus in my vagina and I screamed and cried because of the pain..there was nothing I could do, and I remember bleeding and him just going harder and harder. He told me not to tell mom or he would do it again and again..I never told my mom about any of it still to this day.
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Maybe just tell the cops and let them know you don't want to press charges but you want them to know just in case he might rape another child?

yeah when my mom died i had to live like this 24/7 tell someone if you need to

You should tell your mom If he made u bleed and abused you plus tying you up if she doesn't believe you leave or go live with a relative

Similar experience as a child. No contact now with my brother. At the time I was 8 and he was 17. I am now 42. We haven't been "family" since he left home at age 18. It affected my whole life. Still does.

sweet he got away with it


i feel really sorry for you

i was sexuali abused by my brother my famili was told but non ov them believed mewhich is sad cz iv grew apart frm everyone now im such a strong person that i dnt need nee n e ov them.he dne this for as long as i can remember till i was about 15. it doesnt gt mentiond at all n e mre but i havnt spoken toy brother now for 10 years.. im so much bta im away frm him i do think about it sometimes but im so happy now iv gt a lovly husband n 3 (mashallah) beautilful kids.. im pleased n greatful that im a survivor.. mke a decision n stik to it ull b ok i promise...

Do you know correct grammar?

Do not let him get away with it wow i cant believe how monstrous some people are tell someone now put a stop to it now!!!

this is terrible!...if can do this to his own sister he will do it to another innocent girl if he hasnt already..he must be stopped!.

:'l First, you should tell your mom or someone. Why? because you are strong and you weren't doing anything wrong. Your brother is scared of you back then and right now. If he wasn't then why would he tell you he will do it again? You are stronger because you have a mouth and inside there is a voice that is waiting to speak, but your just keeping it inside. Are you willing to hold that pain forever? I know your going through your mind thinking what your mom will do or say, but if you speak out I know that your brother won't be around you anymore. JUST TRUST ME. because we only have one chance to live.( Letting my feelings out:)

Thanks, I have tried telling my mom before but I could never bring myself to fully tell her everything. My brother is currently not living with us but will be back in a week, he calls and says things that relate to what he's done to me.

You should tell her the full story first and if he calls then ignore him or when he is coming in the house. Because he brings it up to weaken you and you don't need that. And how old is he? I'll give ya tips how to defeat this person.

yea..he's 22 now, and you'd think he'd stop and leave me be!

You must tell your mother.

When I was younger, my brother would say stuff to me all the time...make references to what he had done..they like having that control over you. I know this is an old post but I truly hope you have gotten some counseling and told your mom.

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