My Years 7 To 18

It first started when I was seven years old. It went on until just before my 18th birthday.
I tried to tell my mother but she would not listen.
When I was old enough and strong enough to fight back I did to make it stop.
We had a cottage and on weekends the whole family went up.
Grandma and grandpa in one bedroom.
Mom and dad in another bedroom.
My mother made me sleep in the same bed as my brother.
I hated her for what she and my brother did to me.
I tried to tell her when I was older and she called me sick.
She was 14 when she first had sex.
When she was 16 she got pregnant of my brother and my father married her.
I always told my father I wished you had never married her, then I would never have been born.
I am now a grandmother of 3 beautiful grand children.
I still have nightmares and cry a lot.
I was glad when my brother died. I never shed a tear.
He died 1 month before Christmas.
I celebrate on November 25 when it comes around.
I found freedom when he shot himself.
DO NOT HOLD IT IN. TELL !!!!!!!!!!
That started over 50 years ago.
Never to late to yell for help!
greatgrandmother greatgrandmother
May 10, 2012