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I Was Raped By My Best Friends Brother When I Was 11

Wow, this is going to be extremely hard. Well here goes
I was 11 when I was first raped. It was by my best friends brother, who was 15 or 16, I can't remember. Anyway, I went round her house for a day, everything was normal. It was an ordinary day. But my friend had to go to dancing, and my mum was stuck in traffic and was running late to pick me up. So my friend went off to dancing, and I stayed at their house with her older brother. But after they had gone, the brother, let's call him George, came into the front room, and switched off the Tv. He was looking at me in thIs strange way. He walked towards me, and I walked away from him. Suddenly, he literally leaped on me, picked me up, and threw me onto the sofa. He pinned down my arm, and started kissing my neck. I fought back, screaming at him to stop. He just said "no, this is just the start" at this point, I had no idea what he meant. I had only just found out what sex was, and rape didn't even come to my mind. He let go of one of my arms, to feel my breasts. I was quite an early developer, and already had breasts. He started sucking them, and I got really freaked out. Then he undid my jeans and started feeling below. I tried to fight back, but he punched me in my face do hard, I started to lose consciousness. I fought it though, but still felt very sleepy. He could see I couldn't fight anymore, and took his other hand off my arm, so I was free. But he started undoing his jeans, and took off his pants. By then, it had clicked. I knew what he was going to do to me. I screamed and screamed, but he just laughed. He tried to put his penis in my mouth. I shut my mouth, and just cried. He forced me to suck his penis, or he would hurt me. So I did what he said, and it got harder. Then he lay on top of me and raped me. The pain was immense. He rolled me over, tied my hands behind my back with a scarf, and raped me in my bum. I started screaming again so he gagged me with the ribbon I was wearing from my hair. I started falling asleep. I was so tired from fighting it. I just cried and cried, as he did it over and over again. I woke up when the doorbell rang, it was my mum. George had put all my clothes back on while I had been asleep. He told me if I told, he would rape me again. But I told my friend, and she hasn't spoken to her brother in 2 years.
Charli165 Charli165 13-15, F 1 Response Jun 2, 2012

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:( you are a strong young lady