My Worst Nightmare

I was only 4 days old and my real parents gave me away. And...i grew up with them. I remembered i was only 10 years old, i came to my real parents house and my brother called me in his room, and he was 11 years old and he.....started touching my body. I was a little kid, i didnt know what he was doing. And years passed , he didnt stopped. And because of that im scared to even be close with him., im 17 now. One of the day i went to my real parents house to takecare of my niece,he entered the room and took off my clothes. I nearly took my phone but he pushed my hand away. I was only hoping god to save me from him. And yeah it happened. I cant hold back my tears. He raped me, his own sister. I didnt inform my parents but i informed my close friends. As much as i want my brother to be arrested or....die, im scared my real parents wont be able to accept the fact that their son is like that. And at another point, what about my rights as their daughter? My own flesh and blood raped me. I cried before going to sleep. Im only scared if i got pregnant. Im still a teenager and im still studying. And im a muslim, its a big sin for my religion. I just....dont know why my brother.....can rape me, his own sister. ANd today, i went to my real parents place to fetch my nephew, didnt know he was there. I was with my cousin. We was chilling at my nephew's room when my brother entered and asked me to follow him to his room... i pretended my phone rang and he waited for me infront of the door. And when im infront of me, he pulled me to his room. And i was scared. I nearly teared. I was hoping god would save me. He opened his pants n with a harsh tone, he told me to get myself naked. And he raped me. I cried n he just ignored. After that he tried asking me how i am doing and i took my clothes and wore it and went out from the room. My cousin know this is going to happen again but she cant help because she herself is scared. Im in a dilemma state. What if im pregnant? Im still a student, im still studying. I have my own ambition. I want to tell my parents but im scared. I hope my brother will die real soon, i just hate much :((((((((((((((((((((((((
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Are you safe now? I just can't believe it ... What happened to that bastard ? I hope he's in jail now..May Allah protect you ..

He's lucky

Wtf? ._.

Wow what a barstard! How can he do that it's just wrong. I hope he fukin dies soon. It is just disgusting and I would ask my parents some questions before hand like "what would happen if someone raped me" this question is good because they will wonder if you were raped and you will know how they would react and think. Sick barstad raping his sister

next time he tries it just quickly kick his testicles, he will go down for a long time then walk away.

i went years without telling anyone what happened to me but looking back i wish i had something sooner my best suggestion is find an adult you trust wither it be a teacher at school your best friends parents but someone if you cant think of anyone maybe your school has a resource officer (like a police officer in the school) you can talk to. It helped a lot just to have someone i could go talk to and they might be able to help point you in the direction of more help. another option is talking to the police most of the time they will let you bring a friend with you to report something like this if that would make you more conferrable then just going alone. If your cousin is scared as well maybe she can go with you.
Hoping you are safe.

Thats awful... please, tell someone. Monsters like him must be stopped.

Also offering an oral and biting a testicle will put him down. Bite it until you feel it rupture, just act like you are biting a small tomato in half. Going through life with one ball will remind him of how stupid he is.

I think its your decision to tell someone or not. I have an idea. Why don't you walk up to him and say lets do it again. Then after he undresses take one of his balls in your hand and squeeze it until it ruptures then give it a hard yank. He will lose that testicle and get the message about how you feel. Guys can't protect their balls, they are there for your use. Any time a guy tries to rape you just rupture a testicle and they will not be able to move, walk, run, or talk. Sometimes it kills them. Its easy to do and any girl has the strength in her hand to rupture a testicle.

Ya my sweet sister you have to tell someone. You can not let him take advantage of you like this. And he will have to answer to Allah for his evil cause he is sick. Avoid your parents house like the plague until you tell someone. I pray you are ok take care sister
Ma salaama

my dear sister, how could this happen, im mentally crying for u, and all my other sisters who have been thru such worst...

Pls for Allahs sake, tell ur mom or dad, or this satanic brother will ruin ur life...

I really feel sorry for u, and i really dunno why this happened?!

Pls send me a pvt message with details, i really want to knw both sides of the story, and u have to be frank, and insha Allah I can try to help u out...

Sweet heart tell your parents as soon as possible... Hope to god he goes to jail because if he does then hope he's in there with a big person that will rape him and see how he likes it... What type of brother would do that to a poor girl like you.... Your so young he has no darn rights to do that to you.

Tell your teacher or someone u really trust to go to the cops for u

you should tell your family, the cops,a teecher or someone else close what happend and if you are pregnant there are options such as adoption, abortion or you could keep the baby.


There are many options for you. You can tell your parents, aunts and uncles, grandparents, friends or their moms or both, teachers, guidance counselor, therapist, or a police. You can call the police and set up a court trial. You can move in with a close relative or friend. You can go to therapy or go to a special class for survivors and girls who go through this. If you have a baby you can give it up for adoption, you can abort or you can keep the baby if you're parents will let you. Pick the option you want if you are having trouble choosing and deciding just know I am here and you can always talk to me I know it's hard but know I am here for you. Please don't feel pressured or stressed. You will make the right decision and just know if you are having a hard time ask somebody that you know what is good for you because you have multiple options. Good luck, to you and I wish you the best.

I have an idea. Tell him something like: lay down, i'm gonna give you oral. Then start doing it and bite him hard. But not too hard and espesially not the ball because he could die.

If u are pregnant, u can give him on adoption, abort ( but cause of ur religion i dont think u want that) i dont suggest that u keep the baaby, even though is hard, u are still a young girl an has way too much to live and learn to stop that woth a baby, and u have to finish school. If u arent pregnant (do a test to make sure; three urinal tests i suggest cause sometimes they can be wrong) then, put an anticonceptive method, one that lasts like a year or so, the one u prefer but use one for ypurself, and take the vacums against any sexual disease, take care of yourself first, and then tell somebpdy u trust and tell the police

You need to learn to fight back and beat the hell outta him. seriously, you need to learn how to fight back. And tell your parents. They might blame you but if that' s the case, go tot he law and tell the police,seriously. Tell them you want help and you need to be tested to see if you're pregnant. <br />
Next time grab something and hit him in the head as hard as you can,even if you kill him,it would be better than living with that. knock his *** out cold! and call your damn parents and tell them what he did and tellt hem to talk to your cousin.

i would tell your parents and if you are pregnant their are options. abortion adoption or keeping the baby.