Step Son Raped His Sister 5 Years Younger Than Himself....

I have been a step-parent in these children's lives for 6 years. My wife and I are homebodies and spend all of our time with our children. We have been to the movies one night in six years. We share Tv programs with our kids and follow ratings on shows. We don't live a racy lifestyle and support our kids outside interests...sports, dancing, etc.

My step son was the most brilliant 6 year old I had ever met. Smarter than most adults I knew, charming, and a good looking boy. I never met a child with so much promise.

When my wife and I got together, she assured me her ex husband would support his kids and they were paramount in his life. Then the non payment of support started, then came stories from the kids...the ex's house a compound with surveiilance cameras outside, excessive drugs used and sold there, his girlfriend's teenager teaching them to roll joints and having lesbian sex in front of them. Every time we could get child services to do a walkthrough of their home, someone would call and give them notice someone was coming.

My wife and I are the custodial parents and allowed the kids to go to Panama this summer. Apprently Grandma caught them "nearly" doing something on two occasions. We talked to our 9 year old daughter about her general behavior on the trip and it just spilled out. "I can't help it, he makes me do it...he makes me put it in my mouth", referring to her 13 year old brother. I was in shock and told her it wasn't her fault. I contacted child services but they were so focused on finding out about this because of a Panama trip that they glazed over the fact that he has been raping his sister for 5 years!!! They told me it was out of their juristiction!!!

We immediately got both kids into counseling and the counselor told us after the first visit that her boss "might" make her report it. She had to report it an additional 5 times until something was fianally done. They interviewed the 9 year old girl and her 5 year old brother as victims, and interviewed the 13 (now 14 yr old) who admitted to it happening "two" times. From what the detective believes, it was dozens.

At present there has been no arrest and we just found out this week what the charges the detective recommended to the State's Attorney (we meet with the States attorney on Wednesday for the first time). It has been 4 months and alraedy a living hell. The boy has admitted to everything the daughter claims, except the frequency. The boy has no remorse and has been arrogant with counselors and law enforcement and is being encouraged to be uncooperative by his father.

The father has doted on the boy now for months as he finally has his son living with him full time. He has private trainers, showered with gifts and little or no concern for the daughter's well being from the father.

Its a nightmare that seems to have no end. We are, of course, being supportive of the 9 year old and continuing counseling, showing love and understanding, and have cut off all contact between her and the brother. I never want to see him again, but my wife is torn....
Hailno Hailno
Dec 15, 2012