I Was Raped By My Cousin When I Was 7 Or 8...

My mother Golda Lee Johnson was in prison. My brother Marlon, had just moved to Louisiana with his father and grandmother Bee. I lived with my grandmother Pauline Strawder and my 3 cousins, Kerwin Strawder, Omar Strawder and Latanya Nicole Pittman at an old motel turned into apartments, 1263 N. Mt. Vernon Ave, San Bernardino, CA. My cousin Omar D. Strawder 11/1973 raped me. I contacted Omar on facebook and asked him to apologize. He initially refused and said that we were just kids when it happened. He was right. Were were just kids. I was 7 or 8 and he was 12. But he was a bigger, stronger kid who raped me. Omar has since led a life of alcohol abuse, domestic violence, child abuse and other problems. I have given up dealing with my birth family for any number of reasons and resented the fact that I was made to feel like the bad one for "causing drama". At some point, I feel that we as survivors need to name the people who raped us. Omar Darnell Strawder lives in San Bernardino, California and refuses to honestly apologize and accept full responsibility for his actions. It genuinely bothers me when people claim that they have found God and confessed their sins to him but they have yet to confess and ask forgiveness from the people they hurt in this life.

I have no contact with my family. After being away for 27 years, I have finally come to accept, that I never will and you know what? That is okay by me. People who have loved me have really loved me and mean more to me in death than my family do in life, Betty Scarborough. Ola Mae Johnson and Angel Clegg Curtis loved me, respected me, encouraged me, kept me safe and loved me. I love them too. They weren't family but in a way they let me see that love can come from anyone.
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31-35, F
Sep 16, 2012