It all started late one night when I was safe in my bed. My father had been out drinking all night at the pub and when he got home mum had locked him out of their bedroom so he came into my room and got into my bed with me. It wasn't uncommon for my dad & I to share my bed as of late so I didn't start to worry until I felt his hands going up underneath my nightie that I was wearing. He started touching and playing with my nipples & then I could feel his **** getting hard as he pushed it into my ***. Then he removed my panties & forced himself into me.
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and me

Please add me

Stop commenting on real life stories of being raped by fathers. Kinks are supposed to be fantasy, you shouldn't be endorsing actual rape. This is incredibly disgusting and disrespectful for you to do.

Did you tell your mom and go to the police?

this is sad and seeing the responces is more sad.
I am really sorry for this.

because a dad raping his daughter seems morbid to me and the responses seem to be all written by insecure people

Yeah you liked it

May you see hell soon stephenjaycobb.

Did it feel good?

Now that's ****** up

How sad