I Was Raped By My Older "brother" And Liked It

one day I was playing basketball with my older brother.we are not really brother and sister we act like it. 
I got thristy and asked him for water.he took me inside to get water.his mom was leaving for we were in the house by ourselves.after I was done drinking my water i turned around and there he was staring at me.he told me i look sexy in my shorts.i gave him a wierd look. so we both walked to the couch and sat down.i sat kinda far away from him.he sat there and stared at me for like 10 minutes striaght.i said i had to go home and change.he said no you dont,youre gonna stay right here and **** me hard.i got scared but i didnt show it.i said no and he came over and push me on the couch.he took out his **** and *********** in my hand was holding both of my hands.he took his ***,put it on his whole hand and stuck his hand in my pants.he started rubbing my ***** fast.i started to moan.he said you like that huh.i said then he kept rubing fatser and he stop for a moment to take off my shirt and bra.after that he kept rubbing then he bit my nipple.i said ooh he did it to both my nipples.then he stuck his **** inside my *****.i was saying no and moaning at the same time.finally i reached my orgams and scream loud then i gave in and let him sex me.he finally stop after he licked my ***** 3 times
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Sounds like you enjoyed it

How old were you? you should tell someone that you trust..Even a policeman they will<br />
help you get help. where are you located? message me

why would she tell if she liked it is not considered rape

Add me i think we should chat.

Add me and lets talk

wow did this really happen?

Next time ask him to bring a friend so they can **** you together. One **** in your ***** and one in your ***. Imagine how horny you will get after that. Then you can invite some of your friends to *** and join you and your brother.

It does qualify as rape just by the fact you said no and he did it anyway. That being said it sounds as if your one of the many women who is in fact turned on by a man taking controle and using them. Many women have a rape fantisy and there is nothing worng with them. <br />
Also the things he did caused your body to respond, its a normal reaction to the things he dont feel bad because you moaned and even climaxed,<br />
This would also be the reason when you pass by you get scared and horny.<br />
What you need to deside for your self is do you want it to happen again.<br />
If you need someone to talk to feel free to add me as a friend or to your circle

I don't think you were raped and if you get horny when you pass by, I would say continue getting ****** anyway you like.

I didn't get to write the ending so here it is!<br />
...3 times and put his **** in my ***.we did it on the couch and in his when I pass by I get scared but really not sure why but I just do.i can't tell because if I do n we go to court and he will say I moaned so it won't be rape.i feel confused I liked him raping me,I NEED HELP!!!

You need to be used again by him - it is your purpose

it was no doubt a rape. don't listen to those that tell u to be used and stuff. there is nothing wrong with having a ******* or moaned, or maybe even enjoy it. that's just ur body's normal reaction. but a no is a no. u r far too young for this.

Yeh alot of rape victims have ******* when they are raped. You can walk down the street butt naked and ********** in front of a million guys if they try to touch you and you say no and mean it and they still touch you IT IS whether you moaned or not it was rape and any judge or cop will tell you the same thing