I was raped just over a year ago now and I've had pelvic pain ever since it's really painful but I'm too scared to tell anyone what should I do?:(
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You need to go to the doctors, it could be something like pelvic inflammatory disease which is harmless if treated but if left untreated for years can cause infertility. I recommend you tell someone you were raped, you can tell a doctor in confidence and they can offer you rape crisis support and someone to talk to. You are not alone in this. I know it is hard to speak about but it isn't you who should be feeling ashamed, don't let him put his shameful actions into your heart.

You need to see a doctor. it can be something very serious.

I was molested by my uncle for 4 and half years from 13-17 I couldn't bring my self to report it forever because of shame I finaly told a friend who witnessed it he told my friends mom and they told my parents and I got the help and support I needed had this not happened I would not be here today report and get the help you so desperately need

terrible he must be mentally ill .. i can assure you its not normal

Tell someone...
if your hurt you need help before it gets worse.

Can someone help me please?