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I Was Raped By My Husband

I am a greatful survivor of marital rape. I didn't call the cops because back in 1986 they never prosecuted marital rape. If you have questions for me please feel free to ask me!!
Paige42986 Paige42986 46-50, F 10 Responses Apr 13, 2011

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I was raped by my husband two years ago, He would not understand I had made promises to other people about our marital life and why it was felt, he needed to be controlled, Well I found he cared about only one promise I had made, he said it overrode every other promise, I asked when I made that promise and he said in a church in 1981. He was talking about our wedding. My promise to his father in 1985 about not allowing his son to be so happy at home he would want time off did no matter, The promise I made to go with his fathers best friend to a political fund raiser that evening made no difference. The only thing that my husband considered made a difference was, I had lived under his roof for 31 years, He had paid for my life for 31 years, and received nothing in return, as he said not even a cook or housekeeper.
Of course I tried to negotiate my way out of the very danger filled situation, I begged to let him chose a pace to meet after the event, I would have his fathers friend bring me there, and I would call his mother and father to get everything talked through, let everyone have their say, get things worked out for a future, and have everyone satisfied, my husband said except me. He then had his say he said that his was the only satisfaction to be met that night, I had a tiny bit to say and that was yes, and nobody else had a dam thing in it, he said he was done talking for more than a decade.
He started his advance with his cane in one hand and said that I was not going with his fathers friend or anyone else that evening, I owed a 31year note on our marriage and it was past due by many payments. I begged him please not like this after he ripped my dress off, He raped me begging cant we please talk it through. He did not listen.
That night was the start of my, his fathers and everyone else that ever interfered in his life, point of getting even, After my husband finished his fathers best friend was thrown off our porch with the intension of being put through his arriving fathers windshield, He required 23 stiches in his face, I went to clean up, cry and put a dressing gown on, I asked my mother in law how she could have raised a man that said he loved me at one time to do this, She said I know your marriage has been strained for a very long time. She asked why her son felt he had to do this. Over the two hours my husbands father was gone I told of the promises I made in 1985 the nessesity of them proved that day in 2013. I think she intended to knock my head off because when my hearing returned we had to go stop my husband from throwing his father off the porch. His mother nearly knocked his head off when he said they had to stop my husband before he became a bad problem. I think it was already far to late for that, my husband got into my journals and when I made an appointment to take to the womens advocate in the DAs office he had given her the scanned copies of my jornale. he did not deny he forced me. but she contacted me to come talk to her a few days later, she just about threw the pages of copies at me and said if she even tried to go to court the jury might carry my husband out on their shoulders, she said I would be lucky if I did not get time, for marital extortion. and fraud, his father and others including me got notified we could be charged with conspiracy to deny civil rights. and maintaining a indentured servant by threat and coersion.
When it was first started it was to get my husbands cooperating in keeping a low key approach to using seniority rights at work. It was meant to ease him back into society, But the idea was flawed, society liked were he was at and so did his father and his friends, That is until the slave rebelled, Started to hurt people, and now he does not care who wants cooperation, If I am invited someplace he just comes along and when we get there he just tells everyone if I am invited he is to. I know that many consider this to be the ultimate in arrogance, I just sit and wonder what things might have been like if he was just left to do as he wanted, if I had not made those promises. I have a feeing the body count might have been very high.

you should have put out .. it wouldn't have happened otherwise.

That was his right to do it

I always find these kind of comments by women puzzling. If things are that bad, then get out of the relationship. And frankly, I think that rape is a strong word for a sexual act between two married people. Regardless of the circumstances, marriage in itself implies some type of consent. Not total consent anytime you want it day or night consent, but yet some type of consent goes hand in hand with the notion of fidelity, which is the heart and soul of unity through marriage. It's simply not the same thing as being attacked by total strangers while walking to your car late at night. It seems like there are some deeper issues at work, like a lack of communication, a lack of trust, and denial. This is one issue where I feel like women are conveniently putting all the blame on the man. When it is more likely that the rape happened as a result of a deeply dysfunctional relationship, for which both parties are responsible for either fixing the issues or leaving the marriage. Aside from some external problem like drug addiction, this sort of thing just doesn't occur in a relationship between two people who love and care for each other very much. And if you really get down to the nuts and bolts of it, no one wants to say it, but everyone knows that all it really comes down to is you had sex with your husband 1 more time during the marriage than you wanted to. I totally understand the emotional aspect of it and sense of betrayal, but it's not really rape until the 2nd time, and any woman who stays for a 2nd helping is enabling abuse to continue in relationship that is beyond repair.

Hi Paige42986,
My ex-husband used to do the same thing to me but without the meds. I would have to have sex with him in order for him to pay our bills, buy food or to prevent him from going out.

I remember back when we were first together I loved making love to my husband and cherished him. I don't know how we got to the point of rape but that left me depressed and struggling day to day just to survive living under the same roof with him. God bless you for still being alive and trying to pick up the pieces. I know it isn't easy.

Every day I have to remind myself that i am blessed to be alive

Sorry to hear about your ordeal,

My husband sodomized me while I was out on Ambien. What a great guy, huh? I have the police report and am considering putting it around town as he's known all over. Wonder how all the people who love him would see that?

I feel so bad I was raped a little over a year ago by my boyfriend and his friend feel free to read my story I hope eventually you got over it and it you wouldn't mind If you did would you tell me how long it takes to get over the rape

Yeah in my stupid state it wasn't even considered rape until 2005ish. No really a husband couldn't be accused of raping his wife, sometimes even somewhat violently until that law change. I am sick of this place ...

yeah in 1986 there was no law here against marital rape. The old ***** of a dinosaur cop told me I should go home and do my wifely duty!

Wow Paige I am so sorry you had to deal with such a horrible experience.I hope you have healed or at least have delt with it best you can.I feel for you,glad you are on EP now and hope we chat too.