A Nite From Hell - Can You Relate?

I was doing pretty well in college - on my own and my studies were going good. It was my second year - we were all returning early to get set up and party and get friends back together - he wasnt supposed to be there- he was an exchange student the year before and was not returning but there he was. The night went well - lots of friends,music and fun! At some point several of us were in his room watching a movie when it ended - people started leaving the room but he closed the door and kept me there - what started out as a fabulous night of fun ended in horror for me and to date I have not shared those details with anyone and its killing me. My grades fell that semester and by the end of it I was accademically kicked out and sent home. I never returned, never pressed charges and ever since my love/sex life has been tormenting.

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How long ago was it? I strongly urge you contact a lawyer and press charges. <br />
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Shame and silence are the two guardian angels of rapists. Rapists cannot survive without them.<br />
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Think about it. I doubt this is the first time this man has committed rape.. Why did it happen to you? Because EVERY ONE of his previous victims kept it a secret. Not one of them pressed charges. Don't be like them, have the courage to break the chain of silence<br />
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By staying silent you are teaching this man that he can continue to violate the most basic rights of a woman, and he will never be held responsible by anyone.

did you cried or Moan may I ask?

Look what ever you do do NOT blame your self its not your faul at all!!! how are you feeling now? are you ok ? I hope you are it must of been awful... you shouldnt let him get away with this he riewend you chanses in collage by tromatic insidences with could only be stoped by him i hope that you tell you mum friend and police strieght away dont let it eat you up!! <br />
I wish you good luck for your futcher ;)<3

i are u feeling guilty for what he did? why are u giving him power over you?

I'm so sorry the filth did that to you. I would strongly urge you to speak to someone about what happened before it eats away at you any longer. Thinking of you.

i am so sorry for your experience. there IS healing from that, i swear it to you as a sister-in-combat, so to speak. talking about it can really help. so can the support of the right partner. good luck (((hugs)))