It's a long story.  I'll write bits and pieces when the time is right.

The first one was in his 40's, ugly, big, fat, musely, ex con. on perol, is still out there, a cousin of my ex boyfriends ex mate,  I was 23.

The second one, I was in Darwin. I was 24.  He was an ex con, had just met him in a ymca, ugly, tall, skinny, I'd said no, he didn't stop.  Is still out there.

The third one, I was drunk, He was huge, Fat (beer gut), unknown, He'd punched me aswell (my first hit), He was older.  He is still out there. I was around 26/27.

It's been along time but the statements haven't been written.... Fear ...... Detectives have got id's......  but the last time I'd checked ...... they hadn't been caught.. 

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Just now read your story. I see its been a while since you wrote it, so I am hoping that you have begun the road to recovery so you may experience how wonderful your full sexuality can be with the right people.

The death penilty should be in for crimes like these...

Thank you to all.. I am just so glad that it's been some time now since that's all happened. I feel for the ones who have also gone through rape... And Incredibly...It's still happening to people today!

I'm sorry for your pain... and for what you have endured.... it is sick when society cannot contain animals like these and put them away forever. My heart goes out to you sweetie....and I'm here if you ever need to talk....

I was in Darwin on a working holiday.<br />
If I didn't try to help others then who would try to help me? If we didn't have others (or this site) to share or stories, our hopes, our disappointments etc then lots of us would proberbly be dead by now. You are just as important as me and others that need a helping hand.

A big hug to you...<br />
<br />
Thats all i can say.