If Anyone Cares to Know...


I would like to say

When i was a little girl like 4 through 6 i would always get felt up by other kids my age, including a cousin.  At age nine was touched by another girl my age also, then at 11 i was raped by a guy who was 15 at church for a year. I remember the first time we were at my house in my sister's room, he tried to kiss me and i pulled away then he grabed my arms and pinned me down and started to touch my ***** and kissing me.  He looked down and saw that i had hairs and he started to make fun of me! Ever since then he would constinley touch me at church and shove his **** up my ***, it was the most painful feeling, and also shoved his **** right up my mouth and made me swallow his *** all the time.  After that at 12 i was raped by my male cousin who was 18 at the time we came to me one night and kept asking me to play games with me; then when we were alone he pulled down his pants right infront of my face and put his penis in my mouth then came in my mouth then he left and came back and he was trying to take off my pants i'd tell him not, but he kept going then he lifted up my legs and put his penis inside of me then stopped and he pulled it out white stuff was all over his ****.  I felt bad for telling him no after that so i went to go lay next to him iat his bed and told HIM, I WAS SORRY.  When i finally had the to courage to tell my mother she called me a ****!

So I started looking for attention from men and sometimes women but never quite successful with women



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Man sad story sorry yo hear you had such a rough childhood if you want to chat i would love if you add me

1st I am so sorry for what you have been through. You never have to say sorry to anyone regardless if they are related to you. You DID NOTHING WRONG they all did. If you ever need an ear let me know...

Jerrica,<br />
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I think it is all she new and her body betrade her. I know how she feels and some time we look back at what happend and think we liked it when at that age its not true, but as we grow we some times want to feel that, because we are adults and we what to feel the same way. Its really hard to explain, but I think you read it wrong of course I could be to.

this is a really sad story. I'm sorry

Yeah, I smell bullshit in you guys' stories...

Why would you say this to them?

Because, as Jerrica said, sexual abuse is usually a very sensitive subject for the victims to recall, and most TRUE abuse survivors would never go into the obscene detail that this author has gone into. It reads like ****, not the painful recollection of abuse.

that's not true, i was sexually abused and I love talking about the details


maybe i'm reading this wrong, but it sounds like you and viera64 enjoyed the experiences. i know when i wrote about being sexually abused, i was broken up about it and didn't go into detail about what was done to me. i detect a different tone in your story and in viera's comments.