Raped When Young

I dont remember who it was but I do remember things about that night. I must have been around 10-13 maybe younger. I remember my dad dropping me off @ some house that had brick stairs to get in the house. I remember getting forced between a white couch and a glass table. I remember being on my knees. After the rape I also recall calling my dad after and crying and being so upset and scared. I remember back then the phone cord was white and it was so stretched out that the telephone wire could be used in every room of this house.I can remember everything from what the lay out of the floor plan was but I just cant remember who the hell it was. I remember calling my dad. He soon picked me up and I went home. I dont remember if I told him what happened or not. If I did he didnt let my mother know. That night my dad dropped me back off@ my mothers house cause they were devorced and I remember going to the bathroom and crying in pain to my sister cause it hurt so bad.

The thing that hurts me the most is the only person who would know about this would be my dad and he has been passed away for some years now.
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I completely understand, my father put it in my mouth the first time when I was only four years old.

I just want to say that, like you, my memories of what happened to me are really fragmented. Almost opposite of yours though, in that I have this gut knowledge about who raped me, instinctive, i guess. I remember some things, like, when this person suddenly entered the room I soiled my self. Not much memory of it happening. But, anyway, your story really struck a deep cord in me, and for what it's worth, thank you for sharing this recollection on here. I'm really sorry that terrible, terrible, ******* nightmare happened to you. And I am so sorry you don't know who did it to you, because I you deserve to know how much of a vile worm that person is and you deserve to know when they suffer and when they die. My rapist (a second cousin) led a ******* leech life addicted to heroine and alcohol and living at his moms house or a crack house for the remainder of his shamble of an existence. And when my parents (they don't know what happened) notified my sister and I that he had overdosed on heroine and died, it pleased me. However, it did NOT heal anything.