Mothers Boyfriend

My mothers boyfriend molested me from 8 to 13. It was fondling and fingering me until I was 10. Then it was giving him head. He raped me the first time at 12. Mom caught him when I was 13, but blamed it on me. I left home at 15, was the typical teen prostitute/junky/alcoholic. Got clean and out of tricking at 22. Been sober for 24 years.
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did you kill your mom?
what a *****!!!!

Do you kill him?

Sounds like leaving home was the best thing to do. Even though the next 7 years sounds pretty rough. Are you OK now?

Proud of you! Thanks for being an inspiration!

Good for you - way to make a spectacular come back!!

I would like to be your friend - Ok...


Congratulations on overcoming such adversity.You are an inspiration!

Stories like yours are so sad when the parents don't believe their kids. But it's also very inspiring and shows that adversity can be overcome regardless of the odds. Congratulations to you my dear.

I'm glad you are ok now.

I'm so sorry but atleast you got your life turned around

i am sorry you had such a horrible experience but have come out a stronger are beautiful and never forget that!! had a very rough start to your young very pleased you managed to pull through and do good ;-)

I'm so glad you got out of that.

wtg hun! overcome and WIN!

great good for you