I Was Raped By My Step-Father

My mother had me when she was only fourteen, her parents told her to get out of the house when she told them she was pregnant, they were both strictly Christian.

My mother met this guy when I was four. She'd bring him home and he was lovely and sweet to me. His name was John, he was 21 and my mother was 18.

When I was five, one day my mother went to work and I was left to be minded by John. He asked me did I want to play a game with him. I said "OK". The game was that if I would let him touch me I would get some chocolate. I didn't know what was going on, but I stayed quiet. Then after an hour of being groomed, he held the sweet in front of me and said, "If you tell your mother this, then I'll have to go and you'd have ruined your mother's life." He handed me the sweet and we acted like nothing had happened.

This went on for years, but it progressed to me getting undressed in front of him. My mother was working more often now, and I was beginning to realise that it was wrong, as I was eight. I asked him to stop when he began to undress me, but he wouldn't. I yelled at him, but to no avail. He pushed me onto my bed and pushed his thing up me. It hurt like hell and I asked, "What are you doing?". He said that I was a bad girl and that I deserved this, and I began to cry. He slapped my face and told me shut up. I started to sing to myself. He told me to suck his thing and I said this was wrong and I forced it into my mouth.

Then, when the ordeal was finally over, he told me to get dressed and if I told anyone, he'd kill me and my mother.

As I got older the attacks got more brutal. When I was eleven I got my period, but John told me to stop them, I said I didn't know how. He told me to do it in the shower. I did as I was told, but if I did anything wrong he would bash my head against the shower and/or the tiles.

When I was thirteen, I knew what he was doing to me. I told my mother at home. She said she'd deal with it. When John came home (John and my Mother were married when I was nine), my mother asked him if he was raping me. He said "Yes" with no shame and my mother gave out to him for cheating on her. She let him stay, and she told him to use a condom. My mother didn't even care.

A year later, I found out I was pregnant with his baby. I told my mother and John. She slapped me and called me a **** for not using a condom. She told John to beat me, as she had to go to work, but as well as beating me, he brutally raped me as well, shouting "I'll get this baby out of you!".

The next day, I told my guidance counsellor at school about everything, including my mother and me being pregnant. She told the guards and the were arrested for child abuse, sexual abuse and rape. I lived with my grandmother after. I had twin girls named Bella and Hope. I am now 19 and I am getting married next month. My mother will be out of jail soon and I don't want to see her. I am pregnant again and I love my husband, my girls and my grandmother.

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They are both cruel people

poor girl, your mother was even worse than him, but dont give up and try to raise the kids with love and mercy .