When I Was 6

When I was in Kindergarten my parents worked full time. After school I stayed with a lady who ran a daycare out of her home. She had two older sons (18 and 15). I remember that we all loved the 18yr old, but honestly I don't remember too much about the 15yr old. On one particular day the youngest son had me and another girl in his parents bedroom. I remember that he touched us. Another instance there were 4 or 5 of us playing outside, and the 15yr old was with us. He came over to us and asked if we wanted to play doctor? I said yes. He took me away from the other kids, he pulled down my pants, and had me sit down. He had pieces of bark and opened me up, and he stuck in my words to police and doctors a "rock" inside me. I don't remember being scared. I just remember it hurting. He then heard adults coming and got me up quickly, pulled up my pants, and brushed me off. He proceeded to tell me not to tell. The adults that came happened to be my parents and my aunt picking me and my cousin up. I was lucky that I was able to tell parents about what had happened the day it happened. Apparently, he had raped another girl who was too afraid to tell. The raped still haunts me though. Once he admitted he was guilty it was as if the raped never happened, and I've had to stay silent for the last 18 years.
Magno11789 Magno11789
26-30, F
Sep 29, 2013