I was Raped By A Bullie When I Was A Preteen

I was about 5 or 6 yrs. old. My mother and I lived in a hotel which was next to the bar where my mother danced with customers. I was playing with other childern about 5 of us. I got mad because we were at the rear of the bar which had it's rear door open. We could see the women dancing with men and we saw a man dancing with my mother grabbing her *** and putting his knee between her legs as they dance. All the women allowed men to touch them thats how that made their money. One of the boys said look at your mother the way he got her by the ***.I really got mad when he told me looks like he is going to **** your mom. I told no he not it is your mom that gets **** my mother don't do that. Then the other boys told me yes she does we see her go to those room in the back with men. I didn't want to admitted it but I over heard my grandmother tell a lady that a customer of my mother would pay paid 20 to 25 dollars(lots of money back then) to **** the going rated was 5 to 10 dollars. when a bunch of bullies came and they told me and the by I was mad at to take our pants off. I didn't wnant to but the other boy said do what they say or they will hit us. So I did as they said and layed face down with my pants around my ankels. Then the boy who was 10 or 12 got on top of me in front of the other boys and started fuc king me while the other was ******* the boy I had been at I turn and looked at him while he was watch me. I could see the other boy on top of him humping. I so so embarrassed I could cry. Then I felt my butt all wet. He got off me and they all left
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I was 9 and he was about 12 or 13. I was at the park playing and my mom said she was going to the store for a short while. This boy came up and began picking on me. I looked for mom and she wasn't back yet. He pulled me into the woods, jerked my shirt off and punched me in my belly numerous times as he held me against a tree. I was scared and my belly hurt becouse he punched me hard. I was thrown on the ground and my shorts and panties were removed. I was scared and crying. He wrapped panties around my wrists and placed them above my head. I remember him licking my vagina and painfully forcing his finger into me. He pulled out his penis and it was long. I'm going to **** you, he told me. Noo, PLeease let me go, I begged. He spread my legs and I was raped. I remember like yesterday the feeling of his penis slipping in and out of my vagina. He finally ********** in me and ran off. When mom returned, I told her and she took me to the hospital. He was never found.

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I can't really say. The night that it happened I was embarrassed and ashame. I didn't want it to happen,but I felt I had no choice. The second day the bullie cme back and infront of other boys and girls took me to the ba<x>sement where my mom and I lived and make me take my pants off and while the little girls and boys watch made me stand up pulled my pants down to my ankles and ****** me standing up while they watched through some vents. I could see their faces peeking through the vents and told him to stop as they were watching us. He ****** me for about fifteen mins.then left. When the girls saw me out side they could tell I was embarrassed and told me it was ok that he was mean and not my fault. After that everytime I saw any girl I would think she knew about it. This led me to shy away from girls thinking they knew. I later got use to getting **** as one the the boys that was with the bullie came to the neighborhood that we moved a few blocks away and told the boys there that I would let guys **** me. after that I would get gang banged every night when my mother was working at the bars at nights. I guesse I started liking it cause I didn't mind when a boy or two were waiting for me after I returned back from walking my mother to the bars where she had her customers.