Raped At Age 10

it was a nice fall day as i went for a walk in the woods around our neighborhood, i was around age 10. i came across 2 men at a camp fire. they looked dirty and disgusting. as i turrned to walk away a third man grabbed me and asked what my hurry was. he pulled me onto the ground and said if i screamed he would break my neck. he said they needed some loving and took out his fat penis. he forced me to suck it and swallow when i was done. i did the other two as well. he told me to take off my pants and panties. the other two held me down. i saw him spit into his hand and wipe it on his penis. he got behind me and raped my butt. all three took turns. to this day i still can remember how brutal it was remembering the slapping sounds of thier balls against me. i asked if i could go. the leader said there was one more. he whistled and along came a huge great dane dog. i screamed and passed out. when i woke up it was starting to get dark. the men and the dog were gone. i was completely naked and had terrible scratches on the side of my ribs. it was by that that i knew even the dogs ***** was in me. i quickly got dressed and went home. i told my parents i felt ill and went to bed.
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we were raped by a group from a church i had to attend we all sort of had special need to a point we all had wetting issues

but we were raped repatly evry day it seemed like and then they took us on trip and exchanged us with other groups and took picture

the one head person was killed years leter and the police wanted me to prove where i was at that weekend as he little boy said black fish came out of the water and saved the little boy and took him away then the boat blew up

a few years before that i had a run in with the 2nd in change and a friend of our shot him when he pulled a gun to stop me fronm killing him when i was 12 years old

a friend found some of the picture in bangock one day and the shop was blow up that night so i have only seens a few of them

3 of the 5 of us never made it out of high school they killed them selfs with booz and drugs the other one i lost contact with a long time ago

even when we tried to tell we were told how bad we were for making up stories about these people of god

classic trolling

That must have felt

so horrible.