When I Was 13

After all day of teasing my brother and our 3 cousins ******** me and ****** me in the barn. I got so excited when i knew what was going to happen to me.
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I'm glad you were able to not only survive the assault but turned it into something enjoyable. When my sister was raped it ruined her trust in all men.

I too was introduced to forceable sex in a barn by a group. I, apparently, am not quite as comfortable with it as you. I remember being excited by all the sexual play that lead up to it and how much fun it was to run and hide in the barn. I was not excited at all when I realized what was going to happen to me.

A 13 year old can not give consent but if you enjoyed it and excited by having sex at that age there is little to say. I had,sex with my cousins and sister at a young age. I have no problem with it.

I was taken by suprise at first, but then just let then do what they wanted,

I am a bit alarmed by your word "they" you let them do what they wanted is a lot different than sexual exploration it is sexual exploitation. At 13,14 - 17 a young woman can not say Yes and not have it be a sex crime a way. Now the laws are changing to say that just because a woman does not say "No" if she is silent or just lets them do what they wanted does not mean she agrees or gives consent. It will be considered rape.

Oh my!! In the barn. I love that. We have a barn. That barn could tell so many stories. Lol!!

Would love to hear about it sometime.

wow short but sweet sexy story

Do you still do it with your brother and cousins, why would you stop?

Not all the cousins anymore, but still a couple of them aren't married and stop by once in a while.

That's why country life is fun girls stuck in middle of no where get extremely horny :)

You got that right. I did any thing I could to fix that. lol

Lived in middle of where all my life country boys get horny too especially when there aren't many girls around;)


Great story please add me. really are a good little ****.

I try my best.


mmm - were u a developed 13 yr old with boobs and a bush? Or still a 'little girl'? How old were the guys and how developed were they?

My boobs had just started growing and they were 2 to 3 years older than me.

I love that you **** your brother

So do I. Thanks.

Its the best with a brother or sister lol

Very hot! How long did you **** you brother? Or are you still doing him?

Yes we both still live on our ranch together.

After all that excitement, was it as good as you'd hoped?

Yes, very much.

Wonderful - I would love to hear about it some time! All my nude best!!

How come there were no girls like you around when I was 13.

Probably you weren't in Montana with a bunch of horny farm girls. I wasn't

you loved it!

And totally deserved it to.

Did you make them ***

They each took several turns with me.

lucky u

this is really arousing. i would love to read all the hot, sexy details.

Lucky girl

I thought I was that day.

Very hot story Amy! Do you still prefer multiple guys or have you found one guy good enough to keep you satisfied?

Being with more than one guy is alway's fun fo me.

HUMMMMM!! sounds hot.

It was for me.

I am curious as to why you would refer to this as rape?

Because I wanted them to try something like this on me. I had only been tesing them for 2 weeks before they got they message. lol

in the hay, over a bale, in a stall with horses stamping and snorting nearby?

There was alot of hay and horses in there

What happens in the barn stays in the barn. Mmmmm

love a good teasing.............


more details please.

please let me *** inside of you amy..


You are one lucky gal. I am glad you enjoyed it.

Yes I did very much

Glad you did. I enjoy hearing stroies like yours.

By the way i would love to feel you on the inside and out.

the neighborhood girls found out from my babysitter than I had a long dong as they called it...they all took me to one of the girls garage whose parents were gone and they were all 15=16 and I was 12....they got me hard and all of them ****=ed and sucked me for hours and I couldn't *** because I wasn't old enough....but I stayed hard for the longest time .....and got the reputation and a stud

Not sure who came out the best in that deal, but riding all those girls bareback had to have been a great experience!

Not sure who came out the best in that deal, but riding all those girls bareback had to have been a great experience!

did they not find it odd you didn't ***?