This Group Is ******* Sick

anybody that likes this type of think or raped preteens are pedophiles and should be band from ep and arrested
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4 Responses Dec 9, 2012

You can't arrest someone for reading stories.

There is nothing illegal about reading stories.

I think this was created for girls and guys to share things that hurt them so they can find others to relate. I don't think it was intended for pedos whatsoever.

why do you think preteens are raped and killed by adults
sorry you feel they way you do byr many are raped and killed each year at the hands of adult

this qroup was a place for us to talk about how we feel about what happened to us.

we as kids were raped for about 3 years then mu uncile still used me and all knew it but no one stood up to stop the abuse till i was 12 years old and my best friends mother stood up one sunday night to stop that abuse and give me a new home and a love i never knew as a child