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New Girl

I was 12 when my mom and I moved to the city from a small town. She said I was pretty and would easily make friends. I wasn't quite 5' tall. My hair was long and dark. I was getting boobs and boys noticed that along with my butt. I decided to spend the day at the park but had to decide which way to walk there. As I headed out I got turned around and into a neighborhood I wasn't sure of. There I encountered two older boys. What you doing in our turf I was asked. Looking for the park, I told him. We'll show you, he said. I was getting nervous now. He twisted my arm behind my back and covered my mouth dragging me into an empty building. Show us your ****, I'm told. No, please don't make me do that, I say. Uulffmp and uuullfmp I grunted. I clutched my belly, doubled over and as I tried straightening up I again doubled over and dropped to my knees. Well, he asks? I realized I'm in trouble and they are in control. On my knees, I slowly pull my tank top over my head then wobbly stand up. I reach to unsnap my bra then cover my boobs with my hands. Uuullfmp, I'm again on my knees holding my belly. He punched me just above my navel and that blow winded me. Stand up, remove your shorts and clasp your hands behind your head, he says. Slowly I unbutton and unzip my shorts and slide them off my ankles then place my hands as told. They stare then he pinches my nipples until I wince from the pain. His friend grabs my arms and holds them tight behind my back. PLeease, please let me go, I plead as he rubs his finger along my crotch. I get goosebumps. He grabs my bikini panties and slides them off my ankles. I'm totally naked and my arms held behind my back. What so I do, I ask myself. I hear myself grunt uullfmp, uullff, uughlmp and uullfmp as he punches me in my soft lower belly then near my bellybutton. Please stop, whyuulfmp, why are youlffp beating me up,I tried asking? My body is pushed back into his friend and I feel him getting an erection. My body tries folding to protect myself but he holds me straight up forcing my belly to receive hard punches. His fist sinks into my belly just below my navel and in my belly button hole many times. His friend was holding m up at that time becouse i was breathless. He rubbed my crotch and my legs reluctantly spread allowing him to easily finger me. PLeease, uughmm, uughmm, please stoppp, PLeease I say. He feels my body tremble and his finger glistens from my wetness. At the same time he is sucking each of my nipples making them erect. You like, he laughs. They lay me on my back and a belt is used to tie my hands above my head. Rope is tied around each of my ankles and my legs tied spread wide apart. That's when I realized I was going to be raped. He undresses and gets between my legs and performs oral on me. My body reacts as he wishes. He crawls up on my belly and plays with my nipples in his mouth. I felt his penis touch my vagina and my mind raced. What happens next, I ask myself. Uughgh, uugh and uughmmpp I groan as he entered me. My body rocked and I felt my boobs wiggle as he steadily raped me. Uugh, uugh, uugh I repeat until I felt his ***** flow into my belly. The other boy was larger but doesn't take as long. I'm exhausted when they finish. Get on your hands and knees I'm told. Roughly he grabbed my knees and spread them wide. They found a wooden handle about 1" round and 10" long and I watch in fear. My juices are smeared on my anus and I groan as the handle is first pushed into my vagina then finally my anus. It went easier into my vagina becouse I was wet from my rape. My anus was more painful. I told them that it hurt but he kept pushing. Forced groans escaped me as the handle slowly penetrated my butt hole. He pulled it out and shoved it back in many times. That was painful. They smoked something and let me lay on the floor then I'm picked up and my arms again he behind my back. My lower belly felt his fist at least seven times. He pushed deep into my intestines. His fist again sank deep into my bruised bellybutton and around it many times. My belly hurt bad.,Saliva dribbled out of my mouth. I hung in his arms like a limp doll. I was physically beaten up. We could see my breasts flatten behind his fist then pop out. He liked how they bounced and the way my belly quivered when his fist pushed into it. My nipples swelled up and I was scared they were damaged. They kept my bra and panties then walked away. If you tell you will get it worse and we will also beat and rape your mom, I'm told. I told no one becouse my mom is trying to get a new start and we need to be in the city for her to work. I realize that males dominate females when mating but they didn't have to punch me as much as they did. They could have just raped me and left. Why do boys get off on hurting girls anyway. They know they are stronger. I'm to embarassed to talk to anyone but reading these stories tells me I'm not alone. Some may find my assault hard to believe, I'm just trying to tell it as it happened. What they did to me and how I felt when they did it. I feel like I'm talking to someone.
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your story is so hot

Would you hurt me if you could?

Not all guys r like tht