I Was Raped By My Best Friends Dad!!!

I just stared thired grade i started to go over to my best friends house for the first time ever. I was excited. Her parents were devorsed witch at that age we thought that was the best thing ever more presents. so she lived with her dad. I walked in and the room and it was filled with cigret smoke and their were cans of empty and filled beer every were. Her dad said he was going to treat me like his daughter. i sleped over. In the middle of the night he tolled us to get out of bed then he raped her first and then me this when on for two years. I did not stop going over their and i never tolled because she tolled me that she didnt want me to leave her i was all she had. Also he toled me if i tolled any one that he would hurt her than me than my family he said he would make sure id pay. I still here him and some times I can feel him. my pain is still their it feels like it just happened yesterday.
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2 Responses Jun 28, 2010

im sorry for wat u went tru but i know how it feels to be hopeless. i been tru that before but thank god i never got raped. im here for u my myspace and facebook is veronica_aidamil14@yahoo.com and my yahoo is veronica_aidamil@yahoo.com

You should prosecute. Then forgive. he will do this to others.