Raped After Youth Club

I was nearly 12, And still virgin even thought I had indulged in oral with a few guys, I left the youth club with my best friend she suggested we took a quicker way through a forest as we entered a clearing there were six black guys I knew from the youth club, my friend said I am sorry but they promised they would not touch me if I delivered you to them. With that they took turns violating my ***, Virgina and Mouth, I became in that short space of time the schools " ****** *****", during my teenage years I exclusively dated black guys, I eventually married a White guy who loved me. Moving fast forward ten years, there was a reunion of the schools within the group ( Junior, senior etc). My Husband said I should attend, I did. As I walked into the dance hall I saw my Ex rapist with a group of his friends, It took courage but I walked over to him and asked him to dance. As we danced he said "I remember you" I said I hope you never forget me, you raped me when I was 11" he said oh yes you were good for us". After a few dances he took me to where the group of his friends were and said" do you remember taking her" most of them apologized and said we were all young, it was just something we did to plain white girls. I accepted their apologies. Leroy took me back to his hotel and took me again and again in every way he wanted. I loved what he did to me and found it opened a Pandora's box. I returned to my husband after the reunion a more relaxed woman, without any of the hangup's I had before. I now see Leroy about once a month. My husband does not ask any questions but I am an happier woman nowadays.I am still vanilla at home, but with Leroy I am his **** to use everyway he wants. Will it last who knows.
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Naturally it did eventually, thats the way we are wired

How did you react to the rape when it took place? Did you your body respond against your will?

It did ultimately, but that is the way we are wired

More common than people will admit, I think.

You love being taken by force, WOW, my kind of woman.

It doesn't matter if it lasts. I'm sure you can find another to take his place.;)

That's a very interesting story!
Thank you for sharing!!!

Great story

If someone raped my daughter and i knew about it i'd kill the sick bast**d

Why ? She may have encouraged them

loosewife my girl loves black **** rape rough sex gang bangs i want to see better men **** her to. but if shes haning rape me fantacy or outher girl stuff i should be 1st in line and also be able to watch **** when i do.

well so much for loving husband, once you try black you never go back.Oh that's right,you said he loved you not the other way around.

In America we have a name for this, "racist"

um... full retard doesn't even begin to describe this.

it was very nice of the men at the reunion to apologize -- even if it was as a pack. but perhaps no apology was needed. i would love to see the man who made me into his ***** at a young age, but i also fear it. for one, he'd be a lot older now, and not a physical threat. but i know he could make me his ***** again, because one never loses the power a dom has over one's self. all of the men who dominated or mastered me still own me, in their ways. thank you for writing this -- you're lovely and i melted at your acceptance of your sluttiness, then and now.

Thank you for your informed response. I agree with you, once a man has taken control of you, you are his for ever, and the next one. You have many reports of divorced and remarried women, continuation their relationship with their first husband, especially where children are involved and the father has visiting rights. There is also the phenomia of brothers, where they continue to exercise their right with their sister. Husbands know not to interfere.

loosewife, some husbands know not to interfere, and that only works if he's thinking of her, not of himself. most men who protest think of their own issues of pride, mostly!

very hot and sexy story loosewife, but can you tell me please, you said you had two mixed raced children, were these to leroy or another black man ? i think mixed race children are lovely, in fact i think all children are lovely irrespective of race, i'm glad that you lost your hangups and i congratulate your husband for the love and support that he gives you and the children x

One was Leroy, the other was some black guy/s at a party, after 24 hours of partying you tend to forget who was who

We all have demons from some aspects of life , I chose to deal with mine in a way that may not be suitable for some people but it worked for me, I think

That's actually sick. The guy who hurt you is the guy who you are allowing to do anything to you, hill your husband is loving you? You're betraying him? Without guilt?

I agree. It's disgusting that you would go meet up with your rapist once a month and let him have his way with you. I feel bad for the husband having to deal with your infidelity on a constant basis. If anything, you should have just married your rapist.

Why he chose to marry me, knowing my what I was like, he may prefer me being a ****, think outside the box!

Good on you Loosewife and good on your Husband for not rocking your boat.

nickjones65,<br />
No the Guy is a Boyfriend,. Why a strange story !!

Very hot story!!

Your wife sound very well balanced, accepting your inadequacies and seeking out real men to satisfy her and breed her. It is great that you have accepted your position in the family and have learnt to serve her in the only way possible, for you. You are an asset to her way of life.

Well I suppose PAOLALYNNE, I am speaking from my experience of my life and what I observed with class mates in a Ghetto area, you have not volunteered any information about your self so how can I or others judge your concern or comments by your experience. As I said in my post I was doing oral before I was 12, because that is what white girls did in our area, we were outnumbered ten to one so many black guys took their turns with us. My upbring is obviously different to yours but it formed me for later life and my attraction to black guys. Yes I love my husband but he does not rock my boat like a black guy does.

im sorry but thats kinda sick, i mean who date's their rapist thats weird<br />
and what about your husband dont you love him?

I have a black friend ( Susan) who went to a predominately white school and a similar thing was done to her by white boys, I think the pack instinct takes over and they use the outsiders, the ones who are different. Vampxale your story is unfortunately common but is to do with an individuals actions , where as my friend Susan and loosewife were part of a group who were used by the dominant guys.<br />
In history women taken by Marauding gangs whether it be the Native Americans, Pirates or Roman legions all became docile, compliant and accepted whatever they were required to do. In a way it is similar to women who have violent partners, they gravitate to another violent partner and another as it is an learnt way of life. We all are creatures of habit and habit is a learnt action.

Yes he is. I went to a school in a predominantly black area, there were over two thousand black guys and girls with barely 200 white girls. Every type of sport, outings and other school curriculum were dominated by the black guys. most of us by the time we were 12, had been with most of the black guys in our class, the black girls egged them on. The only pregnancies I can ever remember were white girls with mixed race kids. Eventually I went to University out of state and had my first white boy friends, but there was always something missing, I gravitated to the few black guys there and ended up dating them. The white guys I dated I would not do oral or anal just straight missionary style. But with the black guys I was theirs for the taking. I eventually got married to a white guy who accepted my two mixed race kids.<br />
Black guys are like a drug to me. If you had grown up in a ghetto you would understand.

wait. leroy is the one who raped you and you still do things with him while your married?