I Wonder If That's Why I Am Who I Am

I was 15, he was 19.  He was my best friend.
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6 Responses Oct 12, 2006

I can't believe your best friend did this to you! I hope your life is stronger and was able to break suffering!
Much empathy,

If u feel bad don't worry it happens to thousands of girls like me

Being raped has contributed to the person I am today. Living through such a violent, hateful and demeaning experience has affected me greatly. Every experience that we- whether it bad or good- affects who we are. I am now a much more cautious person. Before being raped I would believe everyone was good until they proved me otherwise... now I'm just the opposite. I believe there are many many bad people out there and I can't be so naive as I once was. This all may sound terrible but I am still a very optimistic person. I just don't trust as easily.

Its going to be ok. I promise.

I believe how we choose to take all the experiences we have in life makes us who we are. Are you unhappy with who you are becoming?

Did it have an impact? I'm sure it did. Does it make you who you are? No. Thats a choice you make, whether you believe it or not.