It Happened To Me At Work

Not really sure who to tell this to but my manager did it to me last night. I look pretty and petite, but I act kinda straight in public. I work in fast food and my manager has been going to the bathroom at the same time as me for a few nights.
Last night I guess he saw the panties I was wearing (new pics) and he asked me to stay after close with him to fix some things. Usually we have 3 closers but he let the other guy go early. After we had closed up, he came up to me in the break room and put his hands on my butt and told me that I have a lil girls ***.
he pushed his crotch against my butt and I could feel his hard-on pressed against me. He's older (which I like) but He didn't say much. He pulled my pants down and told me that my ruffled panties meant that I was his. he pulled out his **** and told me to suck it. It was already so hard. I did what he told me to, thinking that I could get him off quick. I sucked it deep and fast while he was ******* my mouth...thank god it wasn't real big. He didn't ***, like so many men I've sucked. He pulled my panties off, picked me up, put me on my belly on the break room table, spread my little legs apart and put it inside me. Once he was thrusting it into me, I couldn't help but moan and whimper and he did it faster and harder. I felt him explode inside me and he pulled it out and told me to keep my mouth shut.
I'm not sure how to feel. The sex was hot, I like men that take what they need, I hate ******* that cry about being "raped" but was it my panties that set him off or what? He's almost 50 and married but he just did it to me like I had no choice. Weird. What should I do now?
Anyhoo.....tell me what you think.
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5 Responses Aug 13, 2010

thats what sometimes happens to us panty wearing girly bois

very nice story, your sweet for liking it!

yeah, i know i deserved it and wanted it, not complaining. A real man takes what he needs

I guess I'm very passable :-) 5'6, 112 lbs with tiny thin legs and a little bitty smooth girlie ***. I keep my whole body hair free

I think it was hot, are you really cute and passable? If so I think that makes it extra hot.