I Was Sodomized

My name is Lady MJJackson and i was sodomized by my uncle. The abuse went on from the age of about 6 to the age of 15. He would take me in his room or the guest room while my grandmother was in the house oblivious to what was going on and he would make me pull down my pants and he would sodomize me to his satisfaction. He would tell me to moan and or make sounds to arouse him further. While he was sodomizing me he would put his hand under my shirt and fondle and squeeze me breasts. One day he said "wow you're boobs have grown what size bra do you wear?" i remember my anus ripping when he inserted now i suffer from emotional pain
LadyMJJackson LadyMJJackson 16-17 7 Responses Sep 26, 2010

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I think LooseWife is spot on, we all have had things done to us that we may not like. If you dwell on it you remain in that persons power, deal with it and move on

You're right but remember it's not easy to "deal with it" - for some it can take the rest of their lives to achieve any kind of "peace with" what happened

It is horrible, as a man, and that being done to me when i was a boy, the pain i feel for you...

LooseWife you *****!! wtf was going through your mind when you wrote that; that ***** must have been on crakc when she wrote that comment. ***** I hope you die; your probably not even a woman you transvestdike. ***** I hope you die hoe . holla back

I think loosewife was trying unsuccessfully to make the point that some people do "get over it" in so far as they find ways to incorporate it into their sexuality (like me becoming a submissive into rape-play).

loosewife is a m effin fool. I cannot believe you would have the audacity! to tell a young girl to get over being sodomized by an uncle? Why in the h e l l would she enjoy that s h i t? You sorry excuse for a woman? Gentle? What difference does that make? Sometimes I hate people when I see the horrible insensitivity and evil callousness we are capable of. You go rot, OK.? I hope you read this. <br />
To Ms Jackson, thanks for bearing your precious heart and sharing this. i am so sorry for your experience, I too was abused by an uncle as a child. there is no forgetting these things and simply getting over it....But you will get stronger and leave it further behind you. God bless.

I was never raped by a relative - I was date-raped (anally) - but you brought it all back, talking about the ripping sensation, and the fondling, which somehow makes it all worse, when he's carrying on as if he doesn't know he's doing anything wrong.<br />
What can I say but - love and strength to you Lady M. Just tell yourself you will survive this!

Most woman have anal sex, some enjoy it others do not. Its a pity your uncle was not gentle with you the first time, but . get over it and enjoy life

You poor dear girl, the pain and humiliation, you have suffered,<br />
Your bastard of a uncle should spend the rest of his life in jail,<br />
so he cauld be sodomized by some big men.