I Was Raped By My Sister

I became a lesbian at the age of 10. I got my very first girlfriend when I was 13 and we were together for two years before we broke up. Not long after I got another girlfriend called Megan who was 17 and she'd had five boyfriends and ten girlfriends in her past, but she said she loved me and she would never leave me. Megan was extremely sexy, with 34DD breasts and an hourglass figure. She was a redhead, and I was lucky to be with her, being quite plain myself. We had sex a lot of times and it was exciting having sex with her because she had so much experience and she always came up with new things.


Anyway, me and my sister have always been close. She was five years older than me, and she and Megan had a lot in common. She had 34C breasts, broad shoulders, and black hair up to her waist. I always admired my sister. She was the first person I told I was a lesbian and she took it well and told me she was bicurious herself. She told me to go for it. I told her about my experiences with Megan, and the first time I had sex with Megan. I went into extreme detail and she told me she was getting kind of horny. We started whispering and giggling about it and she told me she had fantasies about Megan and she told me all about them. I was really glad that my sister went through the same things I went through.


So in the summer before senior year, my family invited Megan to go on holiday with us. She and I were both really excited because this would mean commitment and we were already planning on moving in together the next year. We were going to Greece for four weeks and were renting out a villa. In the first week, it was Megan and mine anniversary, so we decided to spend the night in. She said she'd planned a hot night for us and I couldn't wait. It was great. We did some bondage and kinky fun, and it was lasting ages. Half an hour in, my sister walked in on us. I was currently dressed as Alice [from Alice in Wonderland] and Megan was the Mad Hatter. We were in the extended doggie position, with Megan dominating.


Megan just smiled and carried on using the strap on, but I was shocked. My sister apologized but she stood there for a few more seconds and just watched me. I let out a big moan and cummed all over Megan and my sister started touching herself and winked at me. The next day she acted like nothing happened, and I let it go.


I didn't notice until after the rape, that my sister used to watch me and touch herself while she did. The next week though, Megan went out with my mom and they went shopping together. My dad was out with my sister's boyfriend and they were playing some golf at a club. So my sister and I were alone together. She asked me if I wanted to go skinny dipping with her, and I was like, mkay, sure. So she clapped her hands excitedly and immediately ******** down. I shrugged and did the same. Her body was amazing, and I was soon developing into something like her, but I was still a bit awkward. She took my hand and led me to the pool before we jumped in together.


We had some normal sister fun and splashed each other. But after 15 minutes, she went over to the poolhouse and got a ***** out and sat in front of me on the poolside, spread her legs and started ************. Right in front of me. I was uncomfortable, but I couldn't look away. Then after about five mins, I said I had to go. I quickly went up to Megan and mine's room and I went into the shower. Then I saw my sister had followed me and she was pulling me out of the shower. I was covered in soap, so I began slipping. She put her arm around my waist to steady me and she locked the door and pushed me down to the ground.


I laughed at first, and thought she was kidding. That she was mock wrestling with me and tried to push her off, and I tried to tell her that we were older now and this was for kids. But then she touched my vagina. She slid her fingers in and I was too shocked to do anything. She kept sliding in and out, slowly. And she squeezed my breasts. She kissed me, touched me, licked me in appropriate places and at first I didn't do anything. Then I realized it was wrong and tried to push her off. But then she whispered that she loved me, that she had always loved me, that she never wanted to be with anyone else but me. She said "Don't you like it, Sammiboo? You like it don't you? You know you do." I shoved her really hard and told her to stop. I was 17 and she was 22. She got angry then and slapped me. She kept hitting me. She lifted me up and then slammed me down to the ground. She kicked me and shoved me into the sink. 


I think I must have went unconscious because when I woke up, I was in her bed and she was on top of me, still kissing me. I pretended to be asleep but I was actually awake and felt everything. The next morning, I thought it was over. I thought I'd dreamt the whole thing. She didn't do anything but then the next week, she started again. She did this everyday and when we got back home, I thought she would stop because she went back to her house with her boyfriend.


But when they visited, she took me to my room and told me she didn't enjoy having sex with her boyfriend. That she liked me better. And she raped me again. She did this until they left, and I was too emotionally scarred to do anything. I broke up with Megan, cut myself off from society, and I was falling behind in class.


Mom realized something was wrong, and she asked me what was going on. I started crying and poured everything out to her. She held me close, and I knew she was shocked. Mom invited Callie over (my sister :P) and at first she acted like everything was okay. Callie tried to come up again, but Mom stopped her. My brother said, "Mom, don't freak out. They're only going upstairs to talk." And my sister said "Yeah, Mom. Chill. We're only going to have some sister fun." Dad and everyone laughed because my sister's really charming. But then Mom got angry and started yelling at her. She was going to have a grown up conversation with her about this, but that wasn't happening anymore. She told Callie to leave me alone, to stop raping me because I was her sister.


My sister has a temper too, and now she got really angry after being shocked. She pushed me in front of everybody, and screamed at me about why did I tell, and now she was going to kill me. She grabbed my throat and started strangling me but then my brother and her boyfriend had tried to grab her and they were trying to restrain her. My mom was crying and my dad was calling the cops and they got there and took her away.


I'm glad I told my mother because being raped was horrible. What made it worse was the fact that it was my sister. I always thought that if I got raped, it would be a guy or a stranger. But I know that women can do it, too.


Now I'm 20, studying architecture in college and I'm getting married to an amazing woman called Catherine. ^_^ My life will never be the same again, but now it's getting better since what happened. If you're being raped, then please tell someone and get this sorted right now.
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It can take a long time to let it out. Sometimes maybe forever. I'm proud that you held on, and you told somebody. Either way, i'm proud. It takes strength to go through it and strength to tell.

What. Happened to your first love do still talk to hey

I'm molly, i'm 19 now but back in college, i had a crush... well 2 crushes really which is slightly strange. I am bisexual, so weirdly enough I had a crush on a girl, her name was Connie and I had a crush on a boy, his name was Ethan.

Everyone knew i was bi, so it wasn't strange, and i had a stronger crush on Connie than Ethan and when my best friend found out, she told Connie... Connie was surprised and told me to come to the school gym. I did and she said that it's fine but she'd rather be friends with me. I was so heartbroken, like I loved her from the moment i laid my eyes on her and the way she talked was so cute...

Shortly after, Ethan found out about Connie and apparently he had a crush on me, so i told him I did but he was just so upset, we didn't talk after that.

Connie found out that Ethan liked me and I had a crush on him and she told me to go back to the gym. She was like "How could you like me... and then him at the same time you B*tch" and i was like on the verge of tears and i explained that i just did... I just had a crush on two people!

She slapped me and i was just fell to the floor and crying like "I'm so sorry Connie" and in that moment, i know she wasn't the cutie i though she'd be. I was sort of lying on the floor and my top came up and she could see my tummy, and i wore shorts as well. She licked her lips and she bend down and kissed me, like a full on tongue kiss and i fell in love with her again.

While we were kissing, i was still sort of crying, she was the dominant one as she was on top just kissing me, i knew this was wrong to just do this in the gym and i was like "we need to stop Connie... I know you hate me and that kiss was a joke or something..." she slapped me again and pushed me on the ground again and was like "So that means you don't like me then!? I'm just gonna tell Ethan that you raped me then" and i was crying again "No! Not ethan! You kissed me, and i didn't even rape you" She just pushed me over to that my shorts just sort of slide down like an inch. I was just sitting up crying and she pulled me by the hair and said "You ****... I bet your not even a virgin" I shook my head "I am! I am!"

She just started stripping... like... wow... her body was so beautiful and toned and her boobs... where so ******* round. Anyway, she was half naked and i looked away and she was like "why are you looking away? Don't you like my body?" She leaned into an kissed again and she took my top off and my bra off while i was trying to resist. She placed her boobs on top of mine and she was like going round in a circular motion. My nipples got hard and i had a feeling she did this before, like i had no idea what i was doing, i was just lying there crying. She pulled down my shorts and kept touching my **** and rubbing it when her hand and my ***** was throbbing, like it felt so lonely back there. She licked me and it felt good but i knew it was wrong, she fingered me and she told me to sit up. I did and she starting tribbing me, like her **** and my **** where touching and we were just *******, she just get pushing me, and she just cummed right onto my *****. She got up and i was just lying there not knowing what would happen next.

I was terrified of getting caught. She just raped me. She licked my face and said "Tell anyone, and i'll tell everyone you raped me, come to my house tomorrow or i'll tell" I just my clothes my on and i was just crying on the way home.

The next day, i went to her house and she was home alone. I wore a tank top and some loose trousers and she was like "I'm gonna take your virginity" I was like "How? No way, you can't!" I didn't know what ****** were... She lead my to her bed and I was like "We need to talk, i don't wanna do this! Please, i just wanna put everything behind us" she ignore what i said and it looked like she put a camera on top of her table... I was like "what is that?? Turn it off!" she just shoved me on her bed and she took out a vibrating double ended *****, and she just pressed it into me, like... oh no... thats it... my virginity is gone... she went ontop of me, on the other end of the ***** and she turned the vibrator on and i was like stop! It was ripping my ***** apart, and i was gripping and sweating on the sheets and she turned it off and she just pushed in and out for ages... until we both had an ******.. like my first ******.

She just quickly got dressed and told me to get out and come back tomorrow or else she'd tell people.

When I walked out, Ethan was just down the road and i walked straight passed him, i barely knew he was there, my hair was a mess, my shirt wasn't straight and i think i was walking in a weird way... yeah, like i just got ******.

He was like... "Hey Molly... are you okay?" I just bursted out crying! "I kind followed you, you were at Connie's house... are you two going out? Wait... why are you crying?" He said... I said, "No... we are Totally not! And i think its just hayfever and... wait.. you know what... she ******* raped me... okay?" I just fell to the ground crying and he just hugged me and said "Its okay... she probably did this back in secondary school, apparently this boy raped her and she told everyone but the dude kept saying he did and she raped him, but because she was such a delicate girl, they believed her" I was so relieved... like i just remembered Connie and Ethan used to go to the same school.

He was like "Hey... hey, look at me... I still love you..." He gave me that sincere smile and started walking to Connie's house, and I was like "Where are you going??" He said "Go home... okay Molly, go straight home for me... promise?" "Yeah... "

Next day, he waited outside my house and said "Hand my hand, we are going out okay? Like dating?" "Why? What the hell!?" I said, he said "Just follow my lead..."

Apparently, he backed me up, he said i was his girlfriend way before the raping so connie raped me.... and well... me and Ethan broke up a few months ago... but he was amazing. He just fell out of love.

I hope he doesn't read this, but if he does then he might be reminded of how he saved me. Thanks Ethan. From Molly Patter.

P.S I kinda told your mom as a joke that we'd get married, she took it seriously, so you better break the word that her daughter in law is gonna be some snobby ***** from Croydon. Yeah... I hate you Ethan... but love you at the same time :)

Aww, cute couples. :3

You did very well that you told your mom about what happened. If this was a fake, then you got me ^_^!

This made me horny

You sicko

what would you know?




this is supposed to be studied for psychological impact, not for you to pull over, because your mommy put a filter on google!

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Hey! Just asking did it feel good when your sister raped you? How did you become lesbian? How did you find a lesbian?

I know how u feel if. U want to talk

That's nice of you to request that!

This made me... surprisingly... horny.

I feel you. :p

I was raped by my little sister but no one believe me. there's not any stories about kids raping anyone older then them. I feel alone.

You are not alone. People might not have the same experience as you but that does not mean they don't understand how you feel. Xxx

Write your story to us

**** off fake *****

What is this? Troll heaven or something? Jeez.

fake. its great you can write epic short stories tho

How do u know its fake are u her

Good for you. U stayed strong

hey me and my sister have an amazing relationship shes 23 and im 19 i couldnt imagine wat i would do if tht happend to me, me and my sis are realy close but we would never be THAT close im sorry i know it must have been terrible tht you and your sister can not have a sisterly connection i hope the best for you and your family hopefully your sister will realize the mistake she has commited and one day you guys can reconnect as sister but if not my best wishes <3

i raped my 27 year old sister when i was 16, i dont know what to do<br />
im 18 now and i realize my horrible mistake, and now me and her dont talk at all<br />
everybody in my family wonders why but no one knows.....

you deserve to burn

He seems to be gone from the site. But it's really unusual for a perpetrator to feel guilt...and I would think that the ones that DO feel guilt and are willing to help their victims get better, make amends...that ought to be encouraged.
It's not usual, though, most perps don't ever want to face up to the horror of what they did.

Wow, this is the first time I can say I have seen someone admit to being a rapist. With that said do you know why you did it? Have you ever told her you're sorry? Better yet you need to tell your family what you did to your sister. That way your sister can heal.

I get raped by ne cuz she 11 and in 15 and she rape me and I can't tell none what do I do help plZ someone tell me what to do

Hmmmmmm try to talk to ur mom say “mom can I talk to you alone” then tell her bout it if she's like SHITZ? Then talk 2 ur dad of that no work then **** idk

Everything will turn out fine. Tell someone you trust or things might not get any easier. Xxx

well don't leave us hanging girl! What happened to her? How's her relationship with the family? Do you and her still talk? COME ON DETAILS!!!

am sorry this happen to you :(

horrible stuff :(

did she go to jail?

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