I Was Raped By My Aunt As An Adult...

My Aunt Raped me.  I hadn't grown up around this side of the family.  I was actually overseas when I decided to start speaking to this side of the family.  I started to have a good friendship with my aunt.  She began to say a few awkward things, like compliments that were almost on the verge of sexual, but I just wrote it off as "just a different background and culture than what I was raised in".  She kept begging me to visit.  So, when I visited my immediate family, I decided to go and visit that side of the family as well.  I stayed at my aunt's home, she had two daughters.  I stayed in her younget's daughter's room (that daughter would sleep in her mother's room during my stay).  I remember how I would change my clothes and my aunt would come barging in.  I didn't think too much of it because they did that to every room, as my aunt was not married and basically the house had only women in it.  I will never forget the night she came into the room while I was asleep.  I looked up and she just layed down next to me.  I was shocked and asked what was going on.  I then noticed the smell of alcohol on her breath.  She then tried to stick her tongue in my mouth.  I am a rather strong man so I pushed her off and was trying to push her out of the room.  She then mentioned that her daughters were in the next room and she would scream rape if I didn't do what she wanted.  For the first time in my life I truly felt powerless.  I really am not coping with this well, and I am not in able to express the details of what happened.  I start shaking and feel like crying like a child when I try.  I have trained and protected my whole life in my career.  And I haven't ever felt so powerless.  No matter how strong I was, or how well trained I was, there wasn't anything I could do.  It took me a year to inform my family of what happened.  Only my mother and father believed me.  My other aunt didn't believe me and my other uncle seemed to possibly believe me.  I was later told by my mother that she also received some weird comments from her sister in regards to what she thought of me.  It gets a little easier with time, when I try to deal with this.  I just needed someone to know.  Thank you for reading/listening. by my aunt
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This might sounds ****** up... but if a woman wanted to rape me... I would let her.

...even if she had HIV/AIDS or gonnorhea? -- You never know, and you don't know why they are so desperate: could be a reason. :(

I honestly did not think about that....

Society is so accustomed to protecting the weak that it enables the weak to be abusive.
It's a similar problem with children & youths, so be careful about being alone with them.
Also, beware of cell phone cameras as they can be turned into problems to coerce people and things made to look bad that aren't.

It is too easy to make victims of people and to manipulate them these days. I know you found that out the hard way, and I'm sorry for that happening to you. At least she didn't try to make you look like a ********* against her daughters or something. If she had done that, you could have gone to prison had she gotten scared and said you molested her daughter.

Best thing now is probably to keep your distance from anyone you are not able to be too sure about. My personal experience in hindsight is that if those red-flags start going up inside or it seems to be an unnerving situation, you are probably NOT immagining things. Sometimes, maybe, but no need to be careless.

I can't imagine what it would be like to be raped, especially by someone who was supposed to care for you. About 5 years ago, my late wifes niece was murdered by to men while they tried to rape her. They were caught. One got 65 yrs and the other got life. They better stay in prison, their a lot safer. I hope they are getting rapped daily.

This happens more often then you would think. Unfortunately, Neo-feminists try to hide such things. If I'm not mistaken Oprah did a show about it. Hang in there.

- Ive had the same problem! your not alone! no one knows about my experience! and i cry when ever i think about it!!