8 Males And A 13yr Old Virgin

a lil background b4 i start my details on the horrendous rape destroying a 13 yr olds virginity...my parents were drug dealers and dopers since i was at least 12 yrs...my father has and still is an alcoholic, has been for my whole life. I am the oldest of 6 grls, due to my parents habits i have been cooking on the stove since i was 6yrs old and caring for my sisters since that long...ive heard stories from family members and friends that i started maturnal duties b4 that...i have taught my sisters to tie there shoes, helped wit ABC's, got them ready for school, fed them, etc since i was very young. my parents drug habits went on until i was about 15 and they had newborn twins(included in the 6 sisters) which i fed bottles to b4 going to school...anyway, obviously ive had alot of responsibilities beyond my age when i was young which has an effect on my story...

I was a troubled youth who hated being home; though i didnt know, at the time, of my parents drug use and selling I knew something was wrong in my household. I didnt understand why i was always so angry. we had a 3 story house, 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a hottub, etc. Not a typical crackheads house; our grandparents were rich and helped with bills. They lived out of town so they didnt see how little food we had in the house; we made due with what we had though. I constantly ran away, for weeks at a time, hung out with gang members, started smoking pot when i was 13, drinking when i was 12, and smoking cigeretts when i was 11...the gang members i hung out with all the time were at a local hangout which was a bar that had a pool table and video games. Minors were aloud in until 5 or 6 pm. On this occasion i had ran away and had no where to go and they offered me and my friend(who ran away with me) a place to stay. their ages ranged from 12 to 26, being a very young and nieve child i accepted their invitation; i had been "friends" with these guys for at least 6mnths and genuinly thought they were my friends.

As the night persisted on my friend and i met them at the apartment complex and started drinkin beer and smoking pot with them. When my friend and i were intoxicated enough the idea of us having sex wit all those guys was brought up by a female who i didnt know. my friend and i refused. at first i thought it was a joke and told them hell no but one of the bigger more muscular guys said we were gonna do it or we were gonna get thrown out of the window (we were 3 stories off the ground mind u) i rolled my eyes and said "ya right"...He picked me up, stuck me out the window and let my legs dangle, if we would have let go i would have fell. one of the guys pulled me into the other room where a bed lye on the floor and tried to smooth talk me. out of all the guys i had talked to him the most at the hangout spot and really thought we wer friends. I cried and begged him to make them not go through with this. I said "im a virgin, please dont" he told me calmly that he couldnt stop them. i had no choice and felt defeated; sobbing, i sat on the bed. He kissed me and told me if i liked him to jus let him do it. It hurt so bad!! He was gentle as he could be but it was so painful...i cried the whole time. then the next guy came in. then the next. i hurt so bad...one of the guys had the odasity to call me a ***** and a ****. he was rough and i was crying, he was talkiing dirty and all i could say was "im not a ****" as he was driving himself into me. I was so ashamed...i hurt to much to continu with one of them and he made me try and give him a blow job...i didnt want to and had no experience...it was horrifying and finally i refused and stopped. when everything was said and done and i got dressed i rejoined everyone in the living room and sat down quietly. I couldnt go home, i was a runaway(i thought at the time), they wont do it again i told myself. The girl who initiated everything asked me how it felt to be a women. i told her i didnt know and she asked me if i needed round two and i said hell no...so i lyed and said not bad...what do u tell someone who basically asking you how it was to lose my virginity to 8 guys? i was soo scared, hurt, embarrased, ashamed, amoungst other feelings. Here i am 12 yrs later with children of my own, one boy and one girl, and i have issues but i survived...i never turned them in because the pple i told said it was my fault and i was afraid theyd come after me. I am a very strong, resilient, aggressive women and God help anyone who dares lay a finger on my children
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You could have gave us some better details. Did they all *** in that virgin *****? If I were one of them I certainly would've knocked your *** up! Apparently you wanted them to do it or you would've taken the fall out the window, or at least called his bluff. You can sit here and keep saying how they done you wrong. But if you say you didn't have an orgasam or enjoy at least some of it than your a complete liar! It's human nature, when your stimulated you will have an orgasam. So if you didn't make this up (probably did) then tell the whole story. Including how much and which parts you enjoyed!

You're an ***.

That's powerful....and Amen to the last part. God has his watchful eye to make sure nothing will happen to your children.

I don't know.
Did you have too much money in your family that you thought that somehow, strangers (i.e. not your family) can be trusted?

Clearly, your family didn't deserve the wealth they had gotten.
You could say you didn't deserve that wealth.
If you didn't have it, you would not have been such a spoilt brat that failed to understand the basic concept that humans are not to be trusted.

There is no god. Just the Universe versus ourselves.
The Universe gives trouble to those who ask for it.
Damning, but true, even for myself.
Don't think you are the only one to go through pain and suffering.
You can only wish that you are the only one with sad stories to tell.

First off, how dare u call me a spoiled brat. apparently u didn't read the entire story. I wasnt wealthy, nor MY family. it was my step mothers parents. they paid the bills so we had a place to live though there wasn't food and things we needed on a daily basis. I more than earned my way by parenting 5 sisters since I was a very small child. cooking since I was 6, and raising my sister's because my father and step mother were drug users and my father was an alcoholic. I know that there are many others with pain and that's y I put my stories on here, so I can possibly help someone who's gone through the things I have. some aren't as resilient as I am. I was trusting because I turned for acceptance, I was young and naive. Take your judgemental *** somewhere else and don't comment on my posts if you're only going to be a Jack ***

I read the story, and I can relate to getting paranoia. I am male, havenot been raped, nor being raping. Though I suppose there are other stories you could tell. And likewise I have some too.
And about people blaming the victim. In that story you told there was a female friend involved too? I wonder if that was a good friend then. And after?

Our friendship ended shortly after that happened...

I'm sorry it happened that way. I pray your life gets better and you have a good love life with a special man. Marymarthazetta read my stories on Ep

Next time learn to bite strong instead of make the victim.

I don't understand your comment.but if u r being negative u need not respond


Amen to what

Your last statement, be strong. Everything happens to us makes us stronger. You can lay down and die, or you can stand and fight, protect what is yours.
Don't let anyone stop you

That's how I am..i'm a fighter and my kids know it to. I'm very strong and resilient..I pray nothing like that ever happens to my kids cus I will kill someone

I pray for your children and you may you be surrounded with health and happiness Amen

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i'm a senator. **** you rape bait are delicious.

What are u talking about? You're not a senator u idiot because if you were you would be discreet about it. Nice try, you won't get the power over me to **** me off..

I'm very sorry to hear this story. Nobody should have to go through this. I hope you are able to get treatment and cope. That's a tough life experience to endure and live with.

i'm fine..I briefly had counseling for it, but not much..thank u for Ur sympathy but its made me a stronger, Wiser, more cautious person.i'm very resilient. it doesn't really bother me anymore...

That's good :-)


I'm so sorry they did that to you. <br />
I hope they all 'get' theirs!

thanks for sharing and wish you well in future No it was not your fault and hope you go forward you are able to enjoy what life brings.You really have guts to re-live this and It makes me feel humble as I only help others in small ways.

U. Should most definitely tell them!! Justice can never b achieved if pple dont know...n ivpromise even though ur scared u will feel better knowing its been taken care of...I have experienced that wit a fifferent situation...when i was 12 a friend of my dads lightly molested me and it took a few days but I told my dad and it made me feel safe n more protected...u can message me if ud like help, advice, or jus to chat :-)

ty so much for ur amazing words of encouragement...that means a lot, especially coming from a man; i know that sounds weird but to know there are decent men out there is nice...i am a wonderful but sometimes paranoid and anal mother lol...i love helping pple and discussing what happened to me wit pple who need my help because if i can help save someone or help them survive than my pain didnt happen for no reason.

ty very much...it always makes me feel good when random pple agree with the therepist's thoughts on my resilience...i kno that sounds sarcastic but im serious lol

I am so sorry for what you have had to endure. What a survivor you are. Thanks for sharing. You are so courageous.

its kind of an odd request? and a very difficult task...i dont really need the whole pitty and crying scene because i have spent so many of my own nights crying over it, having flashbacks, etc(mostly growing up though)...im sure my grandparents already know anyway...ty for your comment all the same :-)

Im glad you have moved on, go to your grandparents if they are still alive and tell them everything. They will help you, tell them the whole story and let them help with their great- grand children.

@ littlemunchin Did you tell your family?
Family doesn't need to know everything. Can you imagine feeling the shame every time you see them, because you might feel like their 'thinking' about it?

ty for ur comment...i dont need to iv moved on and it doesnt affect my everyday life n e more...i appreciate the concern though.

I'm terribly sorry that you had gone through this. You should talk to a counsellor or someone like that. Right attitude about your kids.