I Was Raped By My Dads Best Friend.

I've never shared my story before. My father and his friends where all alchoholics and drug addicts. My mother turned a blind eye and pretended not to know. Shortly after my tenth birthday his best friend who called himself my uncle started staying at our house a lot and was having a lot of problems with his wife. One night after a party my dad threw he came into my room while i was sleeping. He sodomized me. He didn't say anything and when he was done he went back to the living room and went to sleep. In shock and in pain i didn't know what to do. He would have me sit on his lap and tell him about my day and my parents thought it was sweet. I was embarrased and confused. Over the next two years it happened at least twice a month. Shortly after i turned twelve he died unexpectedly from a meth overdose. I've never had the guts to tell anyone. I saw this site and thought i should get it off my chest finally. Maybe i can move on with my life now.
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1 Response Feb 13, 2011

Well you have, and while rape isn t a good thing it certainly is a survivable thing. I was forced into sex with other men in jail for five months straight and often it was several times a day. So I say, so what. Sh+t happens, telling is just nothing more then revenge, it's over, we both learned something about ourselfs AND sex, and maybe about low lifes too. But it's over, Lets move on down the road of life as WE are now in control, again. Take care, you can smile, I know you can. :)