A Story Of A Young Girl

There was a young teen, 13 nearly 14 years old. She was attacked by a monster,not punching or slapping, or throwing her around,But it was quit close. For 4 long years he molested her, and had no second thoughts about it.No sex just lots of sexual touching. Her parents were not home,they stepped out for a minute. They had no idea what was happening in their home.He would touch her body inch by inch, all the way down. He begins wispering in her ear. He tells her "Its okay.....juuuust relaaaax.Don't be so tense." He starts kissing her kneck, and backing into a corner at the same time. Shes beginning to feel trapped, she dosen't know what to do. She starts pushing away and trys to leave, but he won't let her. This monster is just to strong for her. He continues to stroke her body like shes an animal. He then tells her "If you tell anyone I'll hurt you. I won't hesitate either." We shall call this teen Ava. Ava knew this monster her whole life, he was like an uncle to her. All this kept happening over the next year and a half. Ava decided to make a bold move, it was the scariest move she ever made. She decided to tell her parents. Her parents didn't believe her when she told them. On Ava's 16th birthday she had a party, it was not to big but not to small. He was over and drinking with the other adults. Ava then goes downstairs to get some soda out the cooler for the party. The monster then follows Ava downstairs. She feels as if someone is folowing her but when she turns around no ones there. He gets closer and closer to her and grabs her around her wasit with his right hand and covers her mouth with the left. He tells her not to scream and he lets go of her mouth and she stays quiet. Ava says "Please don't I don't want to do this again." As he touches her breast he touches himself. When Ava went to school the next day,she attempted to tell a teacher. So she told the teacher that she trusted the most. So the school called the police and they did an investigation. They arrested him, but.......they didn't put him in jail. They told Ava that he did admit to it but if they took it any further they would have to have more evidence then his confession. After that Avas dad continues to be friends with him. Ava hated her dad even till this day, its not normal teen hate but she despises him,She wishes he would disappear. SInce then Ava has been diagnosed with severe depression, bi-polar disorder,and takes several medications. She dates but its strictly mental and emotional relationship. Even just a hug is hard for her to endure with any male in her life. Whether their family or not. At times she finds herself feeling attracted to older men, because the first guy that told her she was beautiful was a guy in his forties.She dosen't go out with them but feels attracted to them. At times she eats to make herself feel better, Ava feels comfort in food.It depends on how shes feeling that day.Other days she hardly eats but is getting help to have better eating habits. Her family tells her to be happy and have fun.They didn't understand that it was really hard.Its not the easiest thing for her.Now shes trying to make her life better doing the things she really liked. She has forgiven this man but will never forget. Ava feels that if she dosen't learn to forgive she will never heal.It won't change what he did but it will help her feel better about herself.

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Well although my name isn't Ava the story was actually about me I just thought whoever reads this should know.But thank you for the website.

Sounds kinda similiar in a way to what i have been through i wish this eva good luck in her recovery she has a long way to go and it isnt easy but it is well worth it...and if eva ever wants to find other people in her situation or just needs some support heres a website i made...<br />
<br />
www.survivingthroughabuse.webs.com<br />
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take care.