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A Message On Rape...

A lot has been said about how to prevent rape. Women should learn self-defense. Women should lock themselves in their houses after dark. Women shouldn't have long hair and women shouldn't wear short skirts. Women shouldn't leave drinks unattended. ****, they shouldn't dare to get drunk at all. instead of that bullshit, how about: if a woman is drunk, don't rape her. if a woman is walking alone at night, don't rape her. if a women is drugged and unconscious, don't rape her. if a woman is wearing a short skirt, don't rape her. if a woman is jogging in a park at 5 am, don't rape her. if a woman looks like your ex-girlfriend you're still hung up on, don't rape her. if a woman is asleep in her bed, don't rape her. if a woman is asleep in your bed, don't rape her. if a woman is doing her laundry, don't rape her. if a woman is in a coma, don't rape her. if a woman changes her mind in the middle of or about a particular activity, don't rape her. if a woman has repeatedly refused a certain activity, don't rape her. if a woman is not yet a woman, but a child, don't rape her. if your girlfriend or wife is not in the mood, don't rape her. if your step-daughter is watching tv, don't rape her. if you break into a house and find a woman there, don't rape her. if your friend thinks it's okay to rape someone, tell him it's not, and that he's not your friend. if your "friend" tells you he raped someone, report him to the police. if your frat-brother or another guy at the party tells you there's an unconscious woman upstairs and it's your turn, don't rape her, call the police and tell the guy he's a rapist. tell your sons, god-sons, nephews, grandsons, sons of friends it's not okay to rape someone. don't tell your women friends how to be safe and avoid rape. don't imply that she could have avoided it if she'd only done/not done x. don't imply that it's in any way her fault. don't let silence imply agreement when someone tells you he "got some" with the drunk girl. don't perpetuate a culture that tells you that you have no control over or responsibility for your actions.
CallipygianVenus CallipygianVenus 18-21, F 186 Responses Feb 11, 2008

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Ambi (dante) you should prove your accusations. All we have is your word that this happened.
I have not collected picture of anyone's family or children. Show us the screenshot where I state otherwise.

Nobody wants to join in your game anymore.

thank you Mike!

Jack *** loves baiting Ambi!!

tries to out wit her.
tries to out smart her .

his game has been exposed!

but he the keeps coming back for more !

showing us what a stupid red neck, back woods inbreed hater he is

In Tennessee...

Their main occupation is shoplifting.
Their main hobby/pastime is banging their cousin
Their idea of equal rights is allow their ma to stand out on the street corner looking for business.
Their biggest political movement if the KKK
Their main contribution to the US is slavery.

And they don't even speak English, they speak ignorance.

I liked northern California. Beautiful.

In all my travels I can say that there is one constant no matter where you go. That is that there are good and bad people everywhere.
Now do you care to prove your accusations against me.

jack *** go take that gun you said you got locked and load, GO **** UR SELF WITH IT !!! then after your done

go shot ur ******* head off ! you ******* ********* who stole pictures of children from my profile to blackmail their parents with !!!!

you are the most vile, insane, perverted hater mofo iv ever known, now be a good boy and go back to your red headed inbreeded grp and die!!

and, oh yea, don't think for one minute that nothing will ever happen to you !!... why? ..>for the rest of your life, because of the words YOU have written and the threats YOU have made.

YOU will have to keep looking over your shoulder!!! watching your back. MARK MY WORDS!!!!!!


Still posting Esmay's lies then?

Who wrote the article that you claim is a lie?

Esmay altered it.

Paraphrasing a long study into a short article for reporting purposes is common. Links to the study were provided. This in no way proves dishonesty or refutes the study

He left out the part stating which people had been interviewed and how they had been selected for interview. Seems important enough to me.

Calling me a pedophiles maybe a game to you and Asianblu and Ambi. Its not to me. I want to see the evidence. I want to see proof.

Give it a rest. Nobody cares about your pointless questions. Answer a few of mine instead?

You have said very bad things about rape

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Jack you admitted that if someone was gathering and collecting pictures of your child you would feel their safety was violated you went so far as to threaten the use of lethal force... Furthermore, the threats you made to gypsy and you admitting that you had gathered and collected pictures & that you knew were PRIVATE so the gathering and collecting was through nefarious means.

You've asked for and seen the screenshots several times. This is a game you play because you are fishing for evidence so you can carefully try to concoct a "defense" that doesn't contradict the evidence. It's very transparent.

You know what you did was wrong, you admitted that much when you stated if someone had done the same to you and your family you'd consider it a violation of their safety and would use lethal means to protect your families safety.

You should have apologized to gypsy and let it go but, instead you play some ignorant game of pretending you "didn't do anything wrong".

I beleive its all true what your saying

Ambi wrote: "instead you play some ignorant game of pretending you "didn't do anything wrong".

Which he typically does, or just tries to blame it on us and/or feminism.

This started way back in high school,when he was "falsely" accused of harassing a girl whom He had dated.

1960texan yep!!! it did!!!!

It says quite a bit about people who can't move on from the stupid things they did in high school that resulted in their being punished. Its often apparent that they suffer from the "Peter Pan Syndrome" and won't learn from their stupid mistakes, won't mature and become more knowledgeable, intelligent, and have more wisdom, and grow the hell up. Instead they choose to remain the idiotic little imbeciles that they were when they were young.

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I didn't bring it up. You did. You accused me of being a *********. I asked you to prove it. You and ambi (dante ) said there were screenshots to prove that I am a *********. I asked to see them.

For the sake of argument, lets say that there are screenshots proving these allegations. I want to see them. Most importantly I want other people to see them. Why won't you post them?

<p>hey jack *** you have seen the screenshost and no one has to prove anything to you!! we all know what your trying do here!!!</p><p>your trying to cover your ***, </p><p>as in, who meeeeeeeeeee??</p><p>trying to play the innocent card.</p><p>sorry dude!!<br />
you took pictures of children from my profile and u have seeked out teenagers here on e/p to recruit to ur lies and deceit.! </p><p>why do you keep bringing it up?? ur feelings of guilt must be strong !! since u r trying to cover ur *** up!</p><p>its not our responsibility its yours!!</p>

typical of those who are guilty, trying to place al blame and responsibility unto others!!!

" You've seen the screenshots and admitted to the crimes.Case closed."
I haven't seen the screenshots that proves Im a *********. I have not admitted to committing any crimes. Probably because I haven't commuted any crimes.

I would really like to see the screenshots proving that I am a *********.

"There are screenshots of you talking about having taken pictures of gypsy with her children..."
Let see those screenshots.

" admitted you gained access to these pictures by nefarious means."
Google search is nefarious? I searched for pictures of gypsy. However all the picture I found were of her with other family members. I wanted to use a picture of her in a YouTube video but I couldn't find a picture of her alone. I refuse to involve innocent people especially children. Lets see the screenshots that proves other wise. You say you have them. You have posted llinks to.screenshots of me before. Lets see them.

Jack has been uncharacteristically not prolifically spamming EP with his hate agitprop...

I was concerned that AVfM has possibly lost it's most fervent puppet.

Then I stumbled across this and would like some confirmation that jacky boy was not in Sweden during the dates in question.

that article has some intense information to it !!!

Yeah, but the idiot MRA/anti-feminists constantly claim we are feminazis. If that were true why would the actual Nazis want to kill us.

" Freedom: Prove your accusations." ---Jack

You've seen the screenshots and admitted to the crimes.

Case closed.

Families also perpetuate this wanton cruel treatment toward the raped. I once witnessed a 12 year old victim's family members say the most appauling comments about the girl after the rape trial and conviction.

"She seduced him, she lied, she enjoyed it."

I was outraged and waisted no time in shaming this ignorant bunch of abusive ********. They were stacking injury atop the rape. No matter though the damage was already done this poor girl was thrown under the bus despite the courts who determined her the victim of a crime. They had to blame her. Maybe because they just couldn't face the notion that the crimes took place under their supervision and care of the girl. I and others warned them about the convicted abuser. I didn't like him the moment I met him as his attentions were all over my own child and I had to assertively tell him more than once to back off! Thak God I listened to my gut and did.

when a some one throws attention towards children, collecting pictures of them or joins in on.... online grp where kids hang out .......that is a tall tale sign!


What children groups am I in?
We have already established that I have not "collected pictures" of children.

Here kittty kitty kitty!!

@ jackbarnesmra
There are screenshots of you talking about having taken pictures of gypsy with her children, you admitted you gained access to these pictures by nefarious means.

You stated you hadn't used them yet, but you might in a future YouTube video.

Stop lying.

In which group was the children's story and comments posted in?

SORRY dude! but your only tryng to save your ***, and it isn't working!!

go ahead , see how far ur lies will cover your *** lololol.

good luck!! the net doesn't lie!!!

ur words stay in cyber space for ever!!!

more so when there are probably 50 or more people right here on e/p who knows about ur lies and ur teenaged fetish!!

JACK THE WALKING TALKING **** SAID!!...>Because they are younger feminists I was nice to them. They're just kids after all.

the above proves you deliberately seeked out a grp where teenaged " kids " as you called them, wrote comments and stories !!!

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Freedom: Prove your accusations.

jack *** I don't have to prove **** to you!! your just trying to save your *** because you know you took pictures of children from my profile to use against their parents and feminist to blackmail them... you ******* bastard! ur low life ********* . you trying to recruit teenagers from e/p into ur deceit and lies! is one the same level as a *********, talk about grooming children??? your sick mofo!

As I thought.

yep YOUR THOUGHTS ARE same level as a *********... thank you for confirming that for me ! at least you have not denied that you are a *********!!

If a denial would make you feel better then I am not a *********. You are the only person making those allegations. I challenge you to provide proof.

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jack will not be able to have his day in court to nullify anything!! they weed out people like jack ! they don't let any jane or joe off the street to do jury duty.

jackass is baaaacckkkk for more abuse!!!! lolololol and of course he seeks out females right out of high school .TYPICAL of some one who uses children to black mail their family hu jack !!!

jack are you on the ********* thing again.... next it will be circumcision rights ...........and around and around you go !!!!! DUH!!! jack you are boring! and love playing the victim !

so do us all a favor, go gay or stop hating on women!! that is why u stay gone from ur wife , u don't like her! you don't like women period!

yea his conscious bothers him to much he has to purge it some way or the other !

yea he is now jumped to the rape crap now ...

No woman or man victim of rape has any responsibility for their rape. Rape is a crime. People who rape are breaking the law. That's easy to understand. Ignore all the **** about date rape, they weren't asking for it, it doesn't matter how drunk they were or what clothes they were wearing. No means no, and if someone is in no fit state to say no, you should assume that means no as well. Sex without consent is rape.

Some said death penalty for rapists. I say castration.

How do you castrate a woman? Rapists are women too.

There sadly are places where females get their parts down there removed and horrifyingly it is done with no medication, numbing, sleeping, etc. Let us be glad for the freedoms we have.

Yet circumcision is widely practiced here in the US.

Circumcision is widely practiced by who exactly in the US? Is it just single mothers, or do they do it behind the father's backs? I can't see any proof it is part of a worldwide feminist conspiracy, can you?

"Yet circumcision is widely practiced here in the US."
------>So there is mass forced castration of men in the US? Where is the evidence that this is a feminist issue and that couples don't decide together if they are or not? Where is it that feminists solely decide who does or doesn't? TO suggest that, and all you've been doing on here is preach against feminism so I am assuming that you think this is a feminist issue, one must equate and be able to put together that couples are indeed conspiring "feminist" wise to castrate all males (besides fake quotes from the 70s) ... you would also have to include couples, I am talking more about the actual action of it, you would have to prove such things on a mass level, and if that's the case then you are saying that all males who get willingly castrated (I have heard men say they were out of health issues) you would also have to prove they are feminists also.
I do see forced castration in general a bad thing, a really bad thing but I cant see the feminist conspiracy thing going on that it HAS to be by feminists indeed. I read up on castration, from my views in the past it was used for four things: the slave trade, religious purposes (various cults have castrated themselves,) punishment for rape (Thomas Jefferson should be thanked for that, he moved the law from the death penalty to castration instead,) or Preventive measure (which is voluntary surgery.)
"The practice of castration has its roots before recorded human history.[1] Castration was frequently used for religious or social reasons in certain cultures mainly South Asia, Africa, and East Asia. After battles in some cases, winners castrated their captives or the corpses of the defeated to symbolize their victory and seize their "power". Castrated men — eunuchs – were often admitted to special social classes and were used particularly to staff bureaucracies and palace households: in particular, the harem. Castration also figured in a number of religious castration cults. Other religions, such as Judaism, were strongly opposed to the practice. The Leviticus Holiness code, for example, specifically excludes eunuchs or any males with defective genitals from the priesthood, just as castrated animals are excluded from sacrifice."

"Involuntary castration appears in the history of warfare, sometimes used by one side to torture or demoralize their enemies. It was practiced to extinguish opposing male lineages and thus allow the victor to sexually possess the defeated group's women."

Castration has absolutely nothing to do with feminism, and fathers are the ones who often want their sons castrated far more than the mothers do. But of course JB tries to blame it on women and feminism as he so often does with so many things that men have a problem with.

I noticed he skirted around my questions again, I don't even ask them to be mean either I get naturally curious and then they don't tell me of their logic. There's no way to prove castration is a widespread conspiracy as mostly couples decide together I cannot see why that is an issue. Forced castration for religious purposes/punishment purposes/slavery purposes is an issue but I don't think its feminism related being as most slave owners did it for the money, punishment purposes in some states and when I was younger I knew of a woman this actually happened to, but she had lost her hand for I think it was driving the wrong way or something in some other area it was in the 90s and she had gotten her hand cut off as punishment for something really stupid... I just remember meeting her when I was younger and I asked what happened to her hand and she told me about the area she used to live in.. it was sad.... those are actual issues but I don't see how its feminist related solely and I only assume because Jack seems to be on here to solely argue feminist related things so I don't get the correlation and every time I ask everyone else provides good descriptions but I cant get a straight answer.

I have never said that circumcision is a result of feminism. Mike said that. Not me. Circumcision has nothing to do with feminism other than feminist whaling about female genital mutilation while down playing male genital mutilation as far less harmful or harmless.

No fgm makes impossibnle for childbirth without cuttying woman open or sdhe will just die and basbt casnt be born so sofocates

The only person who said that it is a world wide feminist conspiracy is you Mike.

Fair enough. I notice you didn't answer my questions either. Who exactly is behind castration in the US then Jack?

Did you mean to say "women are rapists too"? I think you probably did. 99 per cent of all rape convictions are against men. That means 1 per cent of women are convicted of rape. The majority of cases of rape by a female involve either child abuse of infants, or statutory rape of teenagers. Go back to your rape apologist bunker and read up on some facts, Jackie boy.

As for castrating rapists, you would refuse to convict any man accused of rape, as you have stated plenty of times on EP. Presumably you would refuse to convict any female accused of rape too? Fair's fair and all that.

Yep. Until men can receive a fair trial I will practice jury nullification. If anyone has a problem with that I really don't care.

Anyone who turns a blind eye to injustice is a spineless coward.


Blulady said:
" He should just hope that one day his daughter, his wife, or another female family member or friend of his (although I doubt he has any) will ever be raped....?"
How do you know that one of my female family members wasn't a victim of rape? You may be surprised.

I know that I will never sit on a jury. But I talk to many people about jury nullification. You can't report all of them to the courts. ;)

We see it for what it is, jury nullification is a way to deter other women and men in fact from speaking out against their rapists, that really is what its about, when I think even males should be encouraged to come out and speak about it. Nullification would also work against the victims you speak out for which would include the male gender.

hey *** hole uv were on this same crap last march of 2013.... get over ur self

ur boring!!!!!!

Don't worry mike, JB is never going to be able to practice what he calls "jury nullification, but what we know is his desire to avoid male rapists from being convicted, because the courts where he lives and where he could be a juror have been notified of his intentions so he will NEVER be a juror on a rape case.
He should just hope that one day his daughter, his wife, or another female family member or friend of his (although I doubt he has any) will ever be raped, and that as a result of his telling his other stupid buddies not to vote rapists guilty, that the man who did that won't go free to keep doing it.

JB wrote: "Anyone who turns a blind eye to injustice is a spineless coward.

my response: Well then JB is very obviously a spineless coward, along with so many other MRAs since by voting that a rapist is not guilty is obviously turning their blind eye to the injustice that the female rape victim is suffering from, in addition to all the other injustice that women experience that they continuously turn their blind eyes to.

JB wrote: "How do you know that one of my female family members wasn't a victim of rape?"

my response: That isn't what I was writing about. Can you read and comprehend what people write without assuming they are stating something they aren't? I was writing about how wretched it would be if your daughter, your wife, a female family member, or female friend got raped in the future (not the past) and as a result of your idiotic suggestions to dumb people where you indicate that if they are jurors on rape cases they should not vote that the actual rapist is guilty, one of those dumb people who listen to your stupid **** may end up as a juror in the trial where the man who has raped your daughter, your wife, a female family member, or friend, and as a result the rapist who committed the rape will end up acquitted and your daughter, wife, family member, or friend will suffer intensely as a result while because of your asinine behavior the rapist will go free to commit rapes again. Would you regret that? Because if you wouldn't that speaks volumes about how you favor men, including vicious men who damage women, over all women including women who are close to you and care about you. It spells out what a royal douche bag you clearly are.

No its not true. Ridiculos

I have actually read where some male rapists and pedophiles have actually chosen to be medically castrated. The problem is they still mentally have the desire to rape women, and sexually abuse children so even after they can no longer commit rape or ********** with their penis they will do it with their fingers or other instruments because they can't get past wanting to do it simply because their penis no longer works.

Most rapists and pedophiles who elect to be medically castrated do it in the belief they will spend less time incarcerated. A you state their unnatural desires remain, and they go on to act as encouragers and aiders and abetters of illegal acts anyway.

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I was sexually abused every day for seven months by two men. I never had my first kiss, date, boyfriend before that. I'm still waiting til I get married before I willingly have sex. I never even saw a naked man before that. I miscarried and was unconscious for four days I was told. I am saddened by males who get raped and females who get raped getting blamed. Some people are nudists but that doesn't stop people from citing lack of modesty to others who wear different things. It is just a matter of people exercising disrespect, a need for power, a desire for control, and a sick mind.

my rapist was my husband and the thing is when I was raped it was 1986 and there were no marital rape laws! I have had people say to me that i deserved to be raped because I stayed with him! Married or not my no should have meant no and there was nothing I did to deserve what happened to me!

You didn't deserve it, and the fact there was no law against it at the time in no way diminishes the violation.

The old dinosaur of a cop told me i should just do my wifely duty and have sex with my husband because it was my job needless to say i didn't trust cops after that!

oh dear god, Paige.... wow... that is so awful! What an ignorant cop... some of those dinosaurs are still roaming the earth. I'm glad you made it through such a terrible time.

yeah he was a total **** and he was older and shouldn't have been a cop anyway! He just made me feel so much worse for myself! He died along time ago and I am so glad he is gone~

Nobody going to play with you

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rapist should get the death penalty

I understand why you would feel that way. However I believe they are sick in the head. I'm not sure if they can be fixed or if they are like Pedophiles and are always at risk at repeating their crime. I think there needs to be a lot of studying into the mind of a rapist. Before we go that far. Which begs the question why do we no longer have institutions where we can house people who suffer from violent mental illness. I believe it should be humane rapist put together in order to protect those suffering from other forms of illness. Our prisons are full of people who should not be in prison but in a mental institution. Where they could be given the treatment needed in order for them to live as normal as possible within the institution. I could write forever on this as I have given much thought to how as a society we should treat those who suffer from violent mental illness. It is such a shame they will never know the joy of being at peace. I can't imagine fighting the demons they live with every day. And before someone accuses me of being a bleeding heart I want to make it clear that I believe they should never be allowed to be to roam free and given a chance to repeat their crime.

they should be giving the death penalty

Hmm...full-blown sociopaths don't have a conscience.
The thing is? rapists mostly are not criminally insane. They are mostly...normal. Except they think it's ok to force sex on someone. Pedophiles tend to be pretty abnormal. BUT, people who sexually predate on children mostly tend to not be pedophiles, or if so not exclusively-it's just that children are smaller and easier to manipulate into silence. You tell a grown woman that you'll kill her if she tells, she isn't likely to believe. Tell a 10-year-old that, and it works.

that's why you give them both the death penalty an they cant do it againn

...I've thought about that. While it certainly feels right, it would do two things: One, the child victim might end up thinking "I got uncle Billy killed..." and/or not report.
The other thing? If you're going to get a death penalty for it anyway, killing your victim wouldn't earn a worse punishment, and you might be more likely to get away with it if the victim was dead.
There's a pretty horrible logic to not giving out the death penalty. Even though I think death is what they deserve.

depending on the state, like I live in texas so if they kill their victim most likely they will get the death penalty

Oh yeah. But dead victims don't talk...and murders are gotten away with.

I do realize murderers do get away with ****, but if you really wanna make an example out of them, death penalty

these things should be handled on a case by case basis. I've always thought violent criminals would better handled in a system matching our animal control. Cage and euthanise according to level of aggression and risk to the general public and animal center workers.

Unblock me. I meant I did not believe in shrinks.
I was not saying I did not believe you.

In California we do not have mental institutions for the public, but when a criminal is determined to be mentally ill he is not placed in a normal prison. He is placed in a prison that is designed to accommodate criminals with mental illnesses.

I agree that a true Psychopath has no conscience they are unable to feel guilt, or Empathy for their actions. Science has proven through the use of brain scans that their brain is over active in some parts and under active in others. This is through no fault of there own. As a society we need to decide what do we do with people like this. We would not kill someone born with a birth defect. But on the flip side of that coin these are dangerous people can they be helped through medication?? However I don't believe all rapist are Psychopaths. I'm sure my rapist was not. A drunk without a care of the emotional damage he inflected on me would be a better example of who he was. I believe he should have been sent to prison and forced to face the damage he inflicted on my life. I hope someday as a society that we are able to separate those who suffer from mental illness and those who choose to commit a crime.

you make some good points. I was raped at knifepoint by a complete stranger years ago and I would not like to have a person like him in any neighborhood where women live or visit. His prison term ends soon and it doesn't seem right to let him out while non violent persons are kept imprisoned for substance abuse and addiction. I find it frustrating that so many rarely consider asking the victims and survivors what they think when it comes to these crimes.

I am from texas, we execute people down here


Its just that simple.




Although I am pretty sure they don't even consider punishment (as they feel confident they will win... my molester was found not guilty in court), you do raise a good point. As someone who thinks he will die, God only knows what they would do to guarantee silence.

You think it is worse when someone CHOOSES to commit a crime vs someone who has no control over his/her choices? I don't know about that.

Are you retarded? Why are you not understanding the gist of his remarks?

If you make rape a capital offense then rapes will more often turn into rape murders as there no longer will be any difference in the severity of the two acts' repercussions.

I know you come from a place where people have so little sense that they execute mentally retarded individuals for homicide. But, try to but for a moment rise above the puerility of Texas and fathom the idea of creating a negative chain reaction by making a crime a capital offense.

@Grafvon: Yup.
@Trudy: There isn't any medication that can give someone a conscience. You either have one (most of us) or you don't.

That is too simplistic. You can give someone a conscience at any point in their life. Just not in manner that is legally possible. As children people can be punished but as soon as they grow to adulthood the kind of constructive punishments that can be given as children are no longer possible.

If you could take a man/woman who bullies and expose them to excessive levels of the same kind of bullying followed by opportunities to empathize with the people that he/she had bullied in time that person would produce a new set of behaviors reflecting a new found ethic acquired from understanding the specific feelings of pain their bullying actions have on others. But, you would have to abduct someone and put them in an artificial environment with hired actors to achieve such an end in reality. And the result would be hard to acquire because the "pupil" would obsess about how their freedom to choose and self-direct had been removed.

I don't think they are sick in the head they just have this male entitlement thing - if a woman is vulnerable she's there for the taking.

yep and our churches, media mareting and *********** push the pro male entitlement culture in our faces relentlessly.
...I don't think there is a way to really fix them in adulthood. A child's brain is more plastic, though.

The normal, everyday rapist, yes... If he can take her, well, she was asking for it. That's the meme.

@Grafvon, I noticed I had answered the same question as you, "Can there ever be any reason that justifies a man hitting a woman?"

Your answer: "Yes, when they deserve it. And by deserve it I mean if they are the type of person who is vile and sees no problem with it and yet will not stop long enough for you to distance yourself from her. Bad women deserve physical punishment JUST AS MUCH as bad men deserve physical punishment.

Want to hear a great way to avoid being hit or faced with aggression? Don't act the role of and be a piece of ****."

Do you believe that women deserve to be raped too? Or can do something to deserve it?

as hylier said rape often turns into murder. if you send one rapist to prison to try and rehabilitate him/her for it, chances are they will do it again. by maken rape a crime that can receive the death penalty it eliminates the chances they will do it again. tell me the difference in executing someone that rapes/murders their victim than someone rapes their victim? there isn't a difference honestly except one victim dies and the other lives with it for the rest of their life

and often wishes she had died.

I think I have made myself clear many times over as to where I stand from my numerous post.

People with relativistic ethical sensibilities that steer their conscience ideally should be dealt with. That includes women. But, it also includes men.

I was, however, being polemical and I did/do not literally believe that hitting people serves as a long term solution for negotiating boundaries and conduct.

However, doing nothing is the sort of thing that spawns culturally condoned sociopathy (America is a great example) as it becomes that there will be relatively little that is easily accessible and condoned to put anti-social, destructive behavior in check. Teaching benevolent, beneficient humanity is a hard act to balance when the culture where said sociopathy thrives is a incubator and haven for antisocial cultural institutions that pump negative messages into that society at a rate and pace that could never exist without a concerted effort to institutionalize the type of chaos that makes for pliable, easily manipulated "citizens" among the lower social and economic classes.

I am going to stop here.

graf., the penalty for rapist and pedos is to lenient, a man molest a 4 yr old boy/girl, goes away for 10 yrs and serves half of it and is out on good behavior, whats his punishment? registering as a sex offender an placing a sign in is front yard??? executing them is the only way

I agree it's too lenient...but that's a matter of the courts not imposing a harsh enough sentence.
In this case, the victim often gets to suffer a life sentence, so locking up the perps for 30-50 years would seem more appropriate.

I get that. but can we really be so sure that if we release a pedo/rapist back into society that he wont do it again??? what about ones that have multiple accounts of rape/child molestations?? before they are ever sentenced? Sandusky is a prime example, theres no way I would ever let someone like that sit in prison for the rest of what life he has to live. I would've executed him right then and there. make an example out of someone cause if we don't itll keep happening and happening and happening

Maybe some time off if the perp agrees to be surgically altered-castrated or a hysterectomy...if nothing else, they won't be able to raise their own victims.

If it worked that way it would be fine. But, it does not work that way even when the criminals are arrested. Plea bargains and a corrupt judiciary makes it impossible for sentencing differences to be meaningful other than inspiring greater paranoia in the minds of predators.

I wish there could be more honesty as the result would be many things including a judicial system that properly dealt with the dangers criminals pose and that prevented recidivism. The irony is that the full realization of such a system would be one that was not punitive but rather rehabilitative. There would be very little revenge satisfaction to be found. And that would feel less like justice to some.

castrated...although I for one like my pair as do other men lol.. (sorry if that was a bit too much) but I think it would be a good start to get them to understand that what they do is wrong and cant be tolerated. but we cant just let them keep doing it and doing it and doing it. same goes for in the prison system where it happens a lot there too. maybe its cause where I am from (texas) or maybe I am just tired of the way they seem to get it easier than other, why should they be treated different than murderers? in all honesty what they do is murder they murder the innocents of a child.

We let them out way too easily. Again though, if you make the penalty death, you're going to end up with more murder victims. If you want to focus outrage on something, you should focus on the system that lets the perps get off with a relatively light sentence...And the denial that allows them to have done their crimes in the first place.

The issues of systems that fail to deal with sex criminality properly are greater than simply one problem. I know that all of the nations that use the English system for their judiciary's model have this problem and many others.

I think everyone here should start being realistic and accept that the problems of sex crime prosecution are the result of a system that fails to deal with thousands of types of criminal prosecution properly if at all.

that's because it was never dealt with properly to begin with, countries America for one have just stood by and let this happen for so long that changing the system may b too late

@ graf...The culture excuses the sex criminal and claims the victim is partly to blame... Jurists and judges believe this cultural myth too, that the rapist was somehow "led on." This results in lenient sentences for sex criminals. It is also what the OP was talking about. There IS no excuse for rape, period.

some (south cental american in my case) cultures allow this as males are given special favor and entitlements, women are little more than maids and playthings.

yep in the deep south in America much of that thinking still exists!

I do not think it is ever to late. It just take more than many are willing to accept in any other way than after a long period of consideration. People have been deposing their governments all throughout history.

@ saints-yep, we don't like to look at how common sex crimes are....that denial tends to benefit perps, not victims.

how could any judge/jury ever think that a innocent child is to blame for her own molestation? any judge/jury that thinks that can die right along with them. I posted a story on a teacher from Kentucky that was convicted of rape of a 14 yr old. the judge gave that man 30 days cause the kid killed herself, really? in all honesty this is something I have felt strongly about for years sadly all I can do write my thoughts

That is one interesting discussion.
But i like to focus more on prevention than on punishment: changing the culture is what prevents rape, the threat of harsh punishments barely do.
People will always believe they can get away with it, if the death penalty would really work, how come Texas doesn't have less capital crimes than other states?

So i agree with Hylie on this one. Also: castration is not punishment, but prevention.
Besides ridding the world of rape culture, i think damage control should be more acceptabel: we tell depressed people to see a psych, why not perverts?
We as modern society condone, excuse or even encourage misogynist and violent hetcismale sexuality, that is a HUGE part of rape culture.
So, the solution: educate people, girls AND boys, crack down on the sex industry, fight misogyny everywhere and give perverts a welcoming path towards psychiatric help.
Testosterone blockers or hysterectomy have proved to remove the fuel that powers these guys, seeking that kind of help combined with therapy should be get normalized.

The only difference between the most common rapist and a "healthy heterosexual man" is that the rapist sees women's "no" as irrelevant, instead of an obstacle to overcome.
And if you're being honest, you know that this is true for the majority of men, lying to yourself doesn't better women's lives.

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There has been a lot of bickering some male bashing and female bashing. However there has also been a lot of talk about how rape affects victims, how victims are sometimes blamed for this Horrendous crime. And how often the rapist is only given a slap on the wrist. I've read some posts that's made me want to hunt down the the writer and slap some sense into them. But I am glad to see so many speak out against rape regardless of age, sex, race or sexual orientation. It's a good sign views on rape are changing. Perhaps one day soon law makers will understand the damage it does mentally to its victims and the punishment will fit the crime. And even better victims will no longer live with the shame that comes from being the victim of a very personal crime.

Male- bashing? There's been rapist- bashing but the closest I see to male-bashing is allegations of it

Read all the posts it got a little out of hand, and way off topic. I don't believe rapist bashing is the phrase I would use unless were taking about taking a ball bat to a rapist.

Rape is not about sex, it is about control and power, that is why 65 year old grandmothers can be just as much a target as a 22 year old woman. That should dispel the myth about what clothes are worn. Rapist are like any other criminal, they are opportunist, They strike when they think it will be easy and like any other crime it will never be completely stopped. I don't know if pepper spray or anything of that nature works but can guarantee you a 9mm or 45 shot through the head will do the trick. It's hard to know who the bad guys are sometimes and a lot attempt to gain your trust, especially with children. I don't know all of the answers but we can at least not continually let out the repeat offenders. I think three strikes is too many, after twice we should be done. A serial rapist has shown he will not stop and should never be let out.

I have made many of the same comments, but for some reason certain people still tend to believe that we women bring it on ourselves, and/or make it easier, by wearing certain clothes and behaving certain ways. I honestly have not heard that the majority of women who have been raped were wearing slutty clothes, walking through bad neighborhoods, dancing or acting sexy, or getting too drunk as some on this story seem to think is the case.

People do not believe you because any statements you make about a 65 year old being as likely target as a 20-something are obviously so erroneous that only an idiot would be able to believe them.

Rape is formed and directed by (specific) circumstances..... and YES the young woman with no underwear on in a miniskirt walking down a dangerous street will always be raped before the young/old woman wearing slacks (even better if they do not get pants two sizes to small so that they like a pair of yoga pants), a bra, a button down shirt, etc.

We get it. You and the other woman are ideologues and you want to repeat you message until it is drilled into the core of humanity. But, you are not going to get that result because your message is not cogent or persuasive. In fact, its downright nonsensical.

Said in jacks very own words, no twisting needed, Jack believes what women wear "attracks rapists", to be safe they should dress more "safely", remind anyone else of a certain cultural practice,

Yeah it's too bad he simply only has his rape myth
accepting biases on his side, and as repeatedly stated,

" In one set of studies, researchers found that social norms about others' acceptance of rape myths may increase rape proclivity. When college students were led to believe that other students scored high (vs. low) on a measure of rape myth acceptance, they consequently reported greater personal rape myth acceptance and, in turn, greater rape proclivity. In these studies, rape proclivity was measured by having participants imagine a series of acquaintance rape scenarios and report


The scenarios vary in terms of the victim's level of physical resistance, but all are clearly instances of rape. 

rape myth

Believing in these rape myths, normalization of these rape myths increases rape procivility. "

Why is it that people who don't want to believe in a rape culture are usually the very people creating a rape culture ?

It's disgusting.

And as Hylie and I have pointed out umpteen times, miniskirts don't attract rape. If provocative dress effected rape, women would be raped on the beaches all the time, and Muslim women would rarely be raped. The opposite is true.

Since women know and trust the vast majority of their rapists, the "safety advice" would be don't trust the men in your lives, but you don't see Jack or his pals here saying stuff like that.

Also of note when a feminist talked about the idea of "Schrödinger's Rapist" the paradox of what happens when women act as told, to protect themselves, from strange men, they are called paranoid man haters because not all men are rapists and should not be treated like they are, even though everyone admits it's hard to tell who is and isn't a rapist it's solely women's jobs to both treat all men as if they are ally's yet modify our behavior,dress and where we go and when because that is ASKING for rape and how these double standards abound in this mentality it was the MRA crew who threw trantrums about how this type of thought was demonizimg men's sexuality.

Sure it is, but only if you think men's sexuality is rape and that women are responsible for their own rapes.

Anyways I mostly want to say stop victim blaming. It's not helpful. It only increases rape proclivity in men and further endangers women. Think about what side you want to be on on this issue, helping create more rape or ending rape. If it's ending rape then stop victim blaming. This doesn't have to be a MRA vs Feminism issue, it should be a stopping rape issue vs spreading myths which encourage more rape issue. The choice can not be hard because as.misguided as some rape mythers are I have to believe they don't want to increase rape and now seeing the multiple studies provided through thwarting thread they will realise the error of their logic and do the right thing.

Thank you Hylier and Ambit.... I get angry when I see:

"It's no excuse to rape, BUT......" and "They shouldn't get raped because of it, HOWEVER...." - - -- Putting the blame on anyone but the rapist is victim blaming pure and simple. As to what someone should wear, my god, there are a million different opinions as to what is "too sexy" etc.... women might as well wear burkas in that case.

It is offensive to men to state that they couldn't possibly hold off on raping someone wearing a short skirt or sexy outfit.

"Officer, I saw her naked ankle! I just couldn't stop myself!"

At Hylie that was exactly one the examples I used <~~~ look at those ankles.

WOW...those guys are leering at her while she's in a full burka...that's pretty creepy, actually.

Oh but it's her fault, dontchaknow?!!

She is clearly to blame she should know better than to walk around unchaperoned wearing those types of shoes when she knows men will be around.

Those tarsal bones do it every time....

I think he's established himself as a despicable piece of scum with no redeeming features, no common sense, no common decency, no interest in facts that don't help his agenda of hate, no personal integrity - and a poor grasp of spelling and punctuation must be the eyes of women in Iran that get them into trouble. Aren't they the ones who must cover their face and bodies in public?

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On the clothing issue...
"Convicted rapists often report that they were unaware of their victim's attire- they were aware of their victim's vulnerability. A woman's clothing does not encourage rape."
And I like this page's way of putting it:

The word “prevention” is one of the most widely misused words in educating people about sexual assault. The base word being “prevent” implies that you can prevent all sexual assaults from happening to you. You can’t! There is no 100% way to “prevent” sexual assault. By using the word “prevention”, many people will assume the survivor “could have prevented the assault if….” – thus, placing blame on the survivor for not being able to stop the assault from occurring. Awareness is the correct word to use.

Nobody ever said you can prevent ALL attacks, but you can TRY to prevent as much as you can at least by educating people or doing the responsible things, responsible adults do. Its about growing as a person.

As an example do you really honestly think drinking until you black out is "good" behavior?? No its a sign of mental issues within somebody else, they drink to take pain away if they get THAT drunk, by teaching somebody to handle their problems in a better way and to think about their actions maybe they wont get passed out drunk again and get raped???

Maybe they will get raped again, but they can still at least TRY to make it a better life for themselves.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong in trying to grow as a person.
The study quoted on here is old, but there's evidence that prior rape victims are 7 times more likely to be raped again. I could hazard guesses as to why, but they would just be guesses.

"As an example do you really honestly think drinking until you black out is "good" behavior?? No its a sign of mental issues... " It is. But mental issues don't just go away nicely, when you realize you're acting nutty and stupid....I talk to someone who struggles with a binge drinking problem, and has been struggling since she was a teen. She's smart, she's just really wounded...there are a lot of walking wounded.

Yes but does this give them reasons and excuses to do the same things and expect different outcomes?

Ps. I was one of them :)

Do you blame yourself? I mean it's ok to say "Yeah, that was stupid," but your rapist is still 100% to blame.
Ok, disparate example, here: credit card scams work because you have naive, foolish and dumb people out there able to be fooled. I get those robocalls all the time from "cardholder services" and know exactly what they are...but if there weren't people getting "taken" by these scams the scammers would not be running them, right? Are the scammed to blame for being easy marks?

I don't WANT people to fall prey to other people. But I don't think it's the victim's fault, ever. I also don't think anyone can ever stop scam artistry completely, or rape completely. The amoral people who do this sort of thing DO blame the victim for being "easy." Should we co-operate with that as a society? I don't think so.

Of course I don't blame myself, but me taking responsibility for my life has caused me to stop drinking, in fact I haven't been drinking for years now. If I didn't stop to think about my actions, I would still be doing it.

No the scammed are not to be blamed at all.

"But I don't think it's the victim's fault, ever. I also don't think anyone can ever stop scam artistry completely, or rape completely."

I don't really think this is getting anywhere. for the billionth time, there are things out of your control and there are things in your control. You can try, that's all that counts to live life how you want and safely. That's all for the billionth time what I meant. Of course you cant help everything that comes your way but if you can improve your well being, shouldn't you??? Or should you just keep feeling like a victim and hurting yourself mentally and emotionally after the fact? Of course you cant always help it but for the situations you can do better in, you should at least take time out to reflect on your life and want better things for yourself.

Mistakes are for growing, what's the whole point if you cant grow and learn from them??? What does that teach our generation?

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<p>Jack is saying something that mirrors personal responsibility. His words are taken out of context.<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
Precautions should always be taken but the blame always goes on the aggressor or the perpetrator.<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<p>Its not a myth in the CONTEXT Jack put it in.</p>
<br />
<p>Its a myth when you fr<x>ame it as "a woman is ASKING for trouble if they wear a mini skirt"</p>
<br />
<p>but that is not what he is saying generally.</p>
<br />
<p>I dont doubt facts at all. But I do doubt content and the way wording is fr<x>amed.</p>
<br />
<p>There are two things here which is taken out of context: </p>
<br />
<p>One is Jack did not imply that wearing mini skirts would lead directly to rape</p>
<br />
<p>Two is Jack said that clothing makes them an easier target</p>
<br />
<p>Its not "rape culture" that should be studied, its "rape prevention" ....</p>
<br />
<p>rape prevention means asking those pesky questions again and what to do about it.</p>
<br />
<p>Like being responsible.</p>
<br />
<p>or being hyper aware of your situations </p>
<br />
<p>or what is appropriate and what is not at a given time...</p>
<br />
<p>for instance wearing mini skirts out to the club is acceptable...</p>
<br />
<p>but be aware that men are going to look at you... realistically speaking.</p>
<br />
<p>We all know rape is about power and is more likely to occur with someone the victim knows...</p>
<br />
<p>therefore we can conclude that dressing appropriately is a suggestion of "rape prevention" and not "victim blaming"</p>
<br />
<p>saying however... </p>
<br />
<p>that someone ASKED for it, is victim blaming and also not limited to just women, its also not very logical, so we should know this is a myth. </p>
<br />
<br />
<p>suggestion prevention does not necessarily put the blame on other people, but merely asks other people to recognize their mistakes and to become a fighter and not a victim.</p><p></p>

There's a really fine line between urging caution and blaming the victim. Feminists are accused of telling women not to take safety precautions... But wait a minute,wasn't it feminists who started free classes to teach women how to fight dirty?

Too...following Jack's advice is, at best, risk reduction, and a very slim amount of risk reduction at that.
There is no way to 100% guarantee you cannot be raped. Horrible stuff can still happen.

I dont think jack meant it that WAY though..

We all know that bad things can happen regardless, but that can happen with almost anything.

We have to have laws JUST to make us into good human beings. What does this say about us?

But surely you can try to make responsible choices and that includes wearing appropriate clothing at certain places or making responsible decisions.. like not leaving your drink intended, not getting TOO drunk to the point where you cant make decisions (being grown enough to say "no,") never go with any stranger alone, report any family member who does neglect you (being a fighter mentality and to stop it before it happens or die trying,) learning self defense, being independent, using a buddy system when going out, never accepting anything that is free, always meet in public spots for first time dating, knowing and trusting yourself are two big things....


are all examples of responsible decisions.

I appreciate the neutral reply but martial arts has always been open to women. Its hard but not impossible. If someone wants to truly dedicate themselves, during modern times have not stopped them.

...You can always take up gun-fu as well...:p ( In fact, since I found out they make a raspberry colored Ruger, I have wanted one...)
But there's no guarantees. If you read the stats about rape, it's most likely to happen to people in their teens to very early 20's...when they are more likely to be trying booze/drugs as a novice, and still often feel a bit invincible.

This is very true! Something that I often say myself to women. The same goes for women who drink alcohol, when they are surrounded by men who drink alcohol. It never made sense to me when I hear people excusing a woman who ignored the truth of the situation and finds herself raped (it is not an excuse for why she was raped) by someone who was drunk and rapes her (it is not an excuse for why he raped her). Had she or he chose not to go to a place where the likeliness of rape can or will possibly happen is not the worst choice one can make though. There are funner things to do, sleep happens to be one of them, for me anyways. Not saying that will prevent rape or the possibility of rape (sadly) but it will prevent any responsibility thereof being on you. Trust me when I say, that means a lot when it is all said and done.

"Not saying that will prevent rape or the possibility of rape (sadly) but it will prevent any responsibility thereof being on you."
The responsibility is ALWAYS on the rapist to not rape, JC. ....Making yourself an easy target is dumb. But it doesn't excuse the rapist AT ALL.

Every person is responsible for his/her actions. You claim, "The responsibility is ALWAYS on the rapist to not rape." I think you are wrong. I have been raped. Have had only people who love and support me. I wasn't subjected to the religious hypocrisy that many speak about. So please tell me where the feelings of guilt and questions come from within and attack me when I am alone? Had I been home, in my bed, I don't believe I would have ever went through the guilt and shame I have because I went to the bar. Do you?

Sorry you were raped, I was to. And I agree it should be responsibility but not the responsibility of a person to not get raped.. I am not saying that, but the responsibility to grow as a human being.

...This will be blunt:
I went to my dad at age 6, because paying the price to do so meant I could sleep in his bed, and not wake up screaming from nightmares.
...To put it even more bluntly, I whored myself for cuddles, let him groom me into a human sex toy. That went on until my mom's mother moved in.
...It took me a lot of work to not blame myself for going to in years of pounding away at that sense of responsibility.
Do you blame me for it?
Almost every victim of sexual assault feels horrifically guilty...and there's little logic to it. I've talked online to people raped as toddlers. THEY feel guilt.

Where is the logic in confusing responsibility with blame? You were a little kid, you had no control over it so of course no one would "blame" you. I am talking about moral responsibility growing up. Don't confuse blame with responsibility. You were little, so its not your fault either way you look at it. But there are certain situations that you can control, and those situations that you can or you could made better choices than do so! Helping to think about responsibility helps you make different choices in the future that may or may not make your life better. This is the whole point.

But its absolutely not your fault for what happened! This is what I mean about responsibility. And I am not JUST talking about rape... I am talking about making responsible DECISIONS.

Of course you cant ALWAYS be on your guard.. but at least make those responsible decisions, and teach future generations the same... and then maybe it can turn around. Maybe the mentality will change? And with that the bad people also. We cant change bad people but we can make sure our future generations grow up in a responsible society instead of a careless one.

"Do you blame me for it?"

Of course not. Have you heard anything I said? You were a kid, I told you what I meant between blame and responsibility. If I tell you numerous times and you still think I am blaming when I dont know you... then its up to you if you want to judge me.

Nah, I don't judge you. But I am trying to say that a lot of the ideas advanced to prevent rape that are presented as "common sense" wouldn't actually prevent rape, clothing choices being one of them. I'm also saying that there is a social "meme" of multigenerational standing that blames the raped for being raped, and lets rapists off the hook...and that it's really fricken' easy to reinforce that poisonous cultural concept.

I hear you! What I say is taken out of context more often than I like to think about. But it is ok, it keeps them out of my life and helps me see who really has an agenda. I cannot stand being bullied into accepting others ideas, when they didn't even care from the beginning, enough to understand me. I have been abused and no one is gonna tell me or teach me something that proves otherwise.

Anyways, blessings lowridergirl. :D

It is NEVER about preventing rape, that is a choice the person who chooses to rape someone makes. But it is about presenting one's self in the best and highest manner because we have self worth and respect for ourselves.

Say a Grandmother left you a valuable heirloom, wouldn't you put it away somewhere safe? You surely wouldn't leave it lying around on the ground and should someone step on it and break it, blame them, would you? Now IF you took care of it and put it up and they found it, when they shouldn't have and they break it or steal it, THEN you could rightly blame them. The same thing is what I was saying about myself, rather to be at home and minding my own business, then no one has anything to say. And what I am saying pertains to an adult, not a child. Obviously, your Grandmother wouldn't give a priceless and breakable heirloom to a 5 year old...hopefully.

Yours is taken out of context? Me to! Hey we have something in common lol. I am not talking about the things you can't control at all... of course most of the time you can't but you can at least be a better you if you can help it. And I mean that very loosely... only change the decisions YOU made not someone else... for instance I used to drink a lot, I honestly stopped because I didn't like it for the fact that it made my friends ugly, when I was sober I got to observe a lot about people... including all the anger problems and the fits they had and realized I didn't want to be that way.. had I not stopped drinking I might not of ever realized it.

I am ONLY SPEAKING ABOUT people who do the same things over and over and over and over and over again and expect different outcomes every time... (and I mean over and over and over and over... very literally)

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ruh roh dente's giving facts, links, and jacks giving clothing advice....

Funny, lowrider doesn't think Jack meant it 'that' way. But I think he did

To Jack giving clothing advice,

Myth: When a woman dresses provocatively, she’s asking for trouble.

Fact: Rapists look for easy, vulnerable targets. Thinking that women provoke attacks against them by the way they dress transfers blame from the perpetrator to the victim. Research shows that this particular myth helps others feel better because they think that rape couldn’t happen to them.

Talks about The role of benevolent and hostile sexism in victim blame and rape proclivity.

I hate to step in like this, but when using selective vision, Jack does have a point. of course selective vision sucks, but it doesn't make it less true.
The clothing advise only works for 1 rape situation, not for the dozens and dozens of other situations. And even that is more perpetrator profiling than it is something about the victim.

I would probably give the same advise to my friend if she would want to "go Brittish" to a club, that a microskirt (do you really have to wear that rubbish?) requires regular panties, not a tiny thong or nothing at all.
Why? For a ton of reasons, but most relevant here: because the clubbing scene is notorious as a rape culture phenomenon. If you'd interview the guys there, you would understand the rapist profile instantly.
The idea that girls dress like that because they want to be touched and 'more', that it's an open invitation or that they're cockteasers who have it coming.

But again: that is the rapist mind of these guys, at some point he will rape someone anyway, nothing victims can do about. Only thing a friend can do: don't be one of the most tempting in the room.
Not the solution of course, but it does help a little with this specific type of rapist: the agressively hormonal and entitled type.

The real solution? Fighting rape culture, educating men and boys and make guys prevent rape, because they really can.
If your horniness is strong and violent, dont go clubbing and drink booze! Get help for your problem!

Approximately 2/3 of rapes were committed by someone known to the victim.<br />
<br />
73% of sexual assaults were perpetrated by a non-stranger.<br />
<br />
38% of rapist are a friend or acquaintance.<br />
<br />
28% are an intimate.<br />
<br />
17% are a relative.<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
U.S. Department of Justice.&nbsp;2005 National Crime Victimization Study.&nbsp;2005.

This has been true, for me in every situation. I was always violated by someone I knew 100% of the time. My mom's boyfriend molested me. My step dad molested me. My Grandmothers boyfriend molested me. My biological dad molested me. 2 family "friend's" have molested me. A foster dad molested me. Someone I thought was a friend raped me. Yep. And it had nothing to do with how I was dressed or me being somewhere I shouldn't. Although I have only been raped, thankfully, one time. Molestation is pretty bad too though.

...Me too. It was one family acquaintance, one uncle, and my dad. The stranger who pointed a gun at me when I was 4? I ran from him.

I've often suspected that stranger assaults might target victims of prior abuse. So those who had a history of physical and sexual abuse were groomed easier targets for strangers.

Awe, hugs hylierandom. :'(

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"The majority of sexual assault are not reported to the police (an average of 54% of assaults in the last five years were not reported). Those rapists, of course, will never spend a day in prison. But even when the crime is reported, it is unlike to lead to an arrest and prosecution. Factoring in unreported rapes, only about 3% of rapists will ever serve a day in prison."

44% of rape victims are under age 1880% of rape victims are under the age of 30

Every 2 minutes, someone in the U.S. is sexually assaulted

okay, i am seeing a lot of discussion bout teachers, so lets break that down. are their male teachers that rape girls? yes there are. whether its forcible rape or statutory rape. but then there are the ones that cry wolf. meaning she gets mad at them for not giving her a certain grade she thinks she deserves, is that right??? boys that have sex with their female teacher, to them its not rape its a dream come true. its rape either way you slice it

...It'll still do a number on the boys' heads, whether they recognize it or not.
It's still an abuse of authority by the female teacher.

that is true. and i know that it does mess with them psychologically, the point though is that boys aren't really gonna come out and say that he was raped by his teacher.

...I assume the parents would be the ones to press charges.

if the boy decides to tell... i mean hes more likely to tell his best friend then his parents.

Yup...and tell one teenager, the whole school knows pretty rapidly. Then administration hears the rumors and...Busted.

then again that could play both ways. with the whole getting mad and pointing fingers.

If the woman is legally adult, and the male is under the legal age of consent? If there was sex it was statutory rape.

that's not what I mean. say for an example a boy/girl that's 16 in a class with a male/female teacher, the boy/girl gets a bad grade on a report he/she did, thinks the teacher should raise it teacher refuses and the boy/girl runs home and tells their parents now you have a teacher in trouble for refusing to change the grade is that right?? I understand the consent thing, but how many of these people get caught up in revenge schemes? sometimes you gotta take a look at where the people come from, their history, are there family problems at home, ect ect before we as a society points fingers and say their guilty.

I think there's usually corroborating evidence, like the teacher sending a bazillion romantic texts to the kid, or emails, or phone call records. If it's the kid's word against the teacher and there's nothing else to go by, I doubt that the teacher would be convicted-I wouldn't if I were on that jury.

I don't doubt it but do you get what I am saying??

I totally agree. I know of three men who were very much stunted emotionally by such violations when they were children.

In the UK, there is only .6 percent for false allegations for rape.

But how many of those "false allegations" were wrong? Here is the thing, the jury determined that the man who molested me was innocent. But regardless of what they believed, he was guilty. And he actually is dead now for raping a young girl, from what we have read in the papers.
"Rumney's smart debunkings leave us with a group of American, British, Canadian, and New Zealand studies that converge around a rate of 8 percent to 10 percent for false reports of rape."
...But I *believe* only about 53% of rapes are actually reported.

I am not doubting the facts, but what I am saying we need to know them before we accuse them. do I doubt the guy from penn state raped molested all those boys? no I think he did, but its odd how many came out the woodwork after the claim was made.

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9 of every 10 rape victims were female .

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17.7 million American women&nbsp;have been victims of attempted or completed rape. <br />
<br />
<br />
2.78 million men in the U.S. have been victims of sexual assault or rape.<br />
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<br />
<br />
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