Raped Or Seduced. I Don't Know Which ....

I have joined this site to talk about this experience, and ask people what they think. About a year ago I had just split up from a boyfriend and had moved into a rented room, which was owned by a friend of my father, who was about 10 years older than me. I had meet him once before, but after I moved into the house I got to know him better as he was working on other room in the house in the evenings and, frankly I was bored and lonely, so I used to go in and talk with him. He was a little flirty but I didn't think anything of it as he had just got married three weeks earlier and had two children, and to be honest I was feeling quite low as my ex boyfriend had put me down, was not interested in me. So I admit that I was enjoying the male attention, and I did find him quite attractive.

After about there days he said "Do you want to come out this Friday?" I said What about your wife?" He said "I won't tell her if you don't". Without thinking I said "OK"

He took me out of town and was lovely to me, made me feel special and attractive, and also told me that he was only with his wife for the sake of the children. After a couple of glasses of wine I believed him, and to be honest I still do. He took me back to my room and as soon as the door was closed we started kissing, and I offered no resistance to him as he undressed me. Soon we were in bed and it felt good. I hadn't been touched by a man for about a year. I passively let him kiss me and lick me, and soon he was giving me oral sex.

He stopped and started to move up my body. I expected more kissing but with in an instant he was inside me. My two previous lovers both asked first time, and always wore a condom. I went to pull away but he held himself inside me. I said " Wow, you're a quick worker!", and tried to pull away again, but he just held himself deep inside me and said "This is the best way to get over your boyfriend"

Suddenly I felt very upset and started to cry, at which he immediately withdrew, apologised and comforted me. I found myself telling him about my feelings, and talked, naked, in bed for about half an hour. He was kind and sweet, and I could feel his erection growing and ebbing as we talked. He was very attentive, and I found myself feeling relaxed and happy, and feeling very horny so I said to him "You don't want to hear all this, you just want to make love. He said "I am feeling very aroused". I gently pulled him on top of me and we made love for about 2 hours. He was rough and passionate in a way I had never experienced before. I had a nice time and had already forgiven him, but was I raped?
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Just one question, is this man the same married man that you have said " He was the best lover I've had"?

Luckyman,<br />
Oh he could definately tell I was trying to pull away, he started to withdraw, noticed I was going to pull away completely and so immediately pushed in and held himself inside. After a couple of second he went to withdraw argain, I started to pull away and the same thing happened.

when you said verbally no he stopped from how it sounds to me it just seems consensual.

Do you think he could tell you were trying to put away. If so, by the letter of the law It was rape.