Daddy's Little Girl

When I was 4 years old my mom married my stepdad and we moved to japan because he was in the military . Life was great at first because my dad had been out of the picture and now I had a daddy of my own who loved me. It sucks to say this but I really loved him like any little girl loves her daddy. When my mom went to the hospital I had to stay home and thats when the abuse startef. He wouldn't let me go to the bathroom and then would spank me when I wet myself. Afterwards he would always say he loved me and I was his little girl. After my sister was born we moved on base and it got worse.I lived in japan for 5 years and during those 5 years my stepdad raped me and molested me. He beat me and emotionally hurt me. I was too young to understand that this was wrong and loved him unconditionally because thats what daddies were supposed to do. This abuse continued untill the incident that changed everything. I had broken my foot and was in a cast and my stepdad.was supposed to help me down the stairs and I remember falling down the stairs after he had pushed me. He told everyone I tripped but after that incident he was removed from my home . What I found out later was they had been watching him since the first time I had come in with vaginal bleeding after my stepdad had given me a bath. When he left I was great broken and it took my real dad coming back into my life to show me what real love is. I use to say that I hate him but I pity him because he.will never have true love and know true happiness because he was never happy with his self. I was molested in 6th grade and twice in college my sophomore year. I am 20 years old and could be angry but I have chosen to use my experience to help others like me. I am going to be a social worker and I am going to make a difference. I wish this had never happened to me but it did and I am not a rape victim I am a survivor and I am not letting my attackers hold me back any longer.
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I guess all that war messed up his brain

Wow, I found that really helpful. you see when I was 5 I was raped by my real father for 16 years and I have finally just got the truth from my dad... well part of it anyway and I would like to say that it helps to know im not the only one.

god bless you good luck. my dad was abuser .he do are wifes my hurts

Thank you so much for your comments... I just want to say that you must always remember that it was never your fault. Don't waste energy on hating them because know that they have probablly stopped caring about you a long time ago. I know in my case my step dad is my sister biological father and he stopped asking about me or speaking to me a long time ago. He moved on and I use to ask myself why can't I. Why should I waste my energy hating him, he does not deserve my hate and he does not deserve to be a thought in my mind.

wow spoken with such faness. your story put a small tinkle in my heart and gave me a sense of hope that maybe its not the end of the world and that im not dying. your story shined the light in my eyes you really make me want to go on to be something better. Thank You!!!!