Vacation With My Boyfriend

I was in a serious relationship that no one approved of. We decided to go to Belize and Guatemala for two weeks after our parents told us they did not approve of our relationship. I came from a strict Roman Catholic family, he from a Muslim family. So, bad things that happen are what we deserve for our actions (as some may believe, but not me).

We spent our last day in Guatemala's Tikal park. As we walked along a trail early in the morning, a man with his face covered and holding a rifle, came out of the bushes and forced us into the jungle. We were met by two more men with covered faces. They took our belongings and tied us up to trees saying that they would kill us in about twenty minutes. They were upset that we did not have much money in our bags. One of them took my camera and I asked him if he could spend the film since I really wanted to keep the pictures I had taken the day before. He agreed and took out the film and put it in my bag. This gave me some hope that we would probably be set free. Luckily I speak Spanish so I was able to maintain some type of communication with them. The three masked men started to smoke marijuana and asked if we wanted some, we of course declined. After some time, ants started to crawl up our legs. One of the men untied one of my arms and gave me a branch with leaves to use to keep the ants off. I don't know how much time went by, but all I could think of was how disappointed my parents would be knowing that if I died, it was because I took off with someone that was not meant for me. My boyfriend was calm at the time. I know he really had no choice but to cooperate. After some time, one of the men grabbed me and asked me for my passport. He said that he needed to take me to a secluded place where he can ask me questions. I could see my boyfriend's face, asking not to take me away. He did take me away and I can still remember what he said. "Voy a disfrutar de la vida contigo" which translates to "I'm going to enjoy life's fruits with you". I knew right away that he was going to rape me. He made me lay down on the floor and take off my shorts and underwear. He raped me while pointing a gun to my head. Once he was done, the second one came. I cried and asked them to leave me alone. The second man raped me. He then said that we were not done, there was one more. The third one came but was not able to rape me. They then sent me back to where my boyfriend was. He asked me what happened and I did not have the heart to tell him. This was his biggest fear. After what seemed an eternity, a group of tourists passed by and these men tried to rob them, not knowing that armed men were behind the group. At this point, they came running down and cut our ropes off our hands and told us to run. I don't remember much about what happened right away, but I do remember that I was passing by the famous Tikal ruins and on my way to a hospital, escorted by police.

After what happened, I was still comfortable having sex. I did not feel traumatized. But, my boyfriend made it seem that it was almost a sign of our sinful relationship. He had mentioned that before the trip, he had dropped the Koran and it had fallen on a passage that told him he needed to be married. I never married him. We never talked much about it afterwards. I see this as something I had to deal with. As crazy as it may sound, I'm sure my rape could have been worse, both emotionally and physically, and I am thankful that it (so far) has not killed me inside. I always see it as a test of my strength. I have only shared this with close friends. There is no way that I would ever share this story with my parents. I see no need. But, I do want to share this with others that have gone through some kind of violation. No one deserves to be violated. And reading these stories on this site, it makes me really sad, but I really admire all the women that survive this everyday. If there is anything that I can do to help, please let me know.
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I was assaulted at an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica when I was 16. I was intoxicated at the resorts "club". I managed to fight him off before he could rape me and ran like hell to my room. My biggest regret is not telling anyone and feeling it was my fault for trusting this person (an employee of the resort) and going with him "for a walk to smoke a cigarette". He was around 18-20 years old, small build, Jamaican. Now looking back as a 26 year old I am thankful that I got away and I am horrified by how it could have turned out. I wish I could go back and beat the scum bag bloody.

I admire how resilient you are. This was a terrible thing done to you, but you have handled it remarkably well, it appears. Thank you for sharing your story!