My Step-dad And My Two Brothers

this happened when i was 10-14.My Step-dad was the first one.One day my two brother went to school and i woke up late so i go to the bathroom and took a shower and brushed my teeth.When i finished i put a towel around me and go to roomMy step-dad was sitting at my bed.He said why didnt i go to school and i said i woke up late and he said to go on the bed i said no.He grabbed me by the arm and put me on the bed and took of his clothe and took off the towel i had around me and put his thing in me and stared going in and out.When he finished he got dressed and told me to get dressed and got to school.I got dressed but i did no go to school.when my brothers came home they asked me why i did not go to school and i said that i did not feel good,they said ok.It was dinner time and i did not want to eat.My Step-dad came up and grabbed my by the arm and took me downstairs to go eat,i did not touch the food.When dinner was done,i went up to my room to sleep.He stopped when i was 11.The second one was my brother Joey he was 17 years old.He used to go in my room at night and touch me where i did not want him to touch day i was in my room reading and he comes in and took off his clthes and he took of my clothe and i tried to stop him but he is stronger than me.He made me do oral sex on him,and he touched my boobs.when i finished he would put on his clothes on and leave.When i was alone in the house he used to go to my room and make me do oral sex on him.The Third One Was My other brother Josh.He was 16 years old.One day he went to my room and he forced me do do oral sex on him.I did not want to do it.When he left my room i was crying.My mom was away,i was stuck in the house with my two brother and my step-dad.I couldn't wait till my mom came back to tell her what happened to me.
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did you ever tell her?

Sorry they did that to you. It really makes me sick how some people can be.

Sorry they did that to you. It really makes me sick how some people can be.

Sorry they did that to you. It really makes me sick how some people can be.


I'm so sorry they did this too you!

I'm also glad you have your Mom, and that you are getting help!

I hope you heal from this!


I am so sorry that this happened to you. It must have been terrible. I am happy that your mother helped you.

Im so sorry this happened to you. Nobody ever deserves such horrific treatment

did you tell her? I hope they're in jail now and I truly hope you were able to get therapy for this.

Yea i told my mom and im getting therapy