Gay Raped At 12!

I am now 19, so this story goes back a few years. I was gay raped by a guy called Chris, who lived next door to us. He was 15 at the time and i was 12.

We both have younger brothers, and it first happened when the four of us where playing in a 'den' we had built in the hedge of a field. The four of us where there one day, and my and his brother went off somewhere, but as i gut up to follow, i remember Chris grabbing my shirt and pulling me back saying 'No, wait a minute'. He pulled me back and sat me on his knee, and practically stuck his tongue down my throat. My heart was pounding, and my mind just went blank. I just didn't know what to think. He was a much taller guy than me being well over 6ft. So i didnt even try to push him off. I wasn't gay then, and i'm not gay now, and i hated every moment of it! I never told my parents, as they where very good friends with his family, and didn't want all of the publicity if it got out into the media. And so, like a fool, i suffered in silence. He used to hang around our back door when we where going out in the eveings and ask if he could join us. My mum always said yes. He would then get into me at every oppotunity i was alone.

However, about 8 months of this happening, he was diagnosed with cancer and died about a year later. I was so relieved when i heard! I still to this day wonder if it was a co-incidence? Maybe the creater was watching over me more than i though....

I have only told two of my closest friends about this. I've never told my parents about it, as they have many happy memories with him. But it really hurts when my mum remembers him as a 'lovley, caring, thoughtfull young man'. I tend remember him as a 'Devious, diceptive, crook'!
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It's not a rape... It was a kiss...
Rape involves sexual harassment (Private Parts)

he kissed you, so you were raped? you should die!

Damn, 6ft is way too tall for 15 yrs old. In the Hebrew, we do not have a word for coincidence. I would suggest between now and urge you to tell your parents, especially when you're ready to move out if you haven't already. That's what I hate about funerals---everyone has something nice to say even for the most evil people in the world. If you're more comfortable with your mum, set up a date with her and say you have something important to discuss. Because if she really cares for you, she will believe your story no matter what. As a mother, she had to sense that something was up.

that is a very awkward situation. I know what it is like to have a perception/image of a person in your experience, but others have that same person as the opposite, though my situation isn't about rape.

Thats a shocking story manx<br />
i used to holliday as a kid on isle of man.stayed in hotel port erin and always went to laxey wheel<br />
the trout swimming you know if the happy grunt pig farm still exists.amazing memories coming back to me<br />

Yeah, I Love the island too. And yeah, I love the view from the top of the Laxey wheel. Never heard of the Pig farm, but I'll find out for you....

I'm so sorry you went through this.<br />
<br />
I know how you feel, when you know the truth about a molester; and someone you love is talking so kindly about them.<br />
I couldn't tell anyone either, because I didn't want to hurt certain family members.<br />
(My molester was related to them...not me)

Aww, thank you! Yeah, I feel sorry for everyone who goes through this. It doesn't bother me now to be honest. (thank god!) And I hope you managed to get things sorted out with your guy too. X

I'm sorry but I had to laugh my *** off at this one. You weren't raped. All he did was forcibly kiss you. Lol.

It was implied. Not every author wants to write or relive an explicit rape ***** of their crestfallen childhood.