Sodomized Repeatedly By Stepuncle

I grew up in a rural part of Pennsylvania and I remember moving around the area several times when I was young, because as I later found out my mother was an alcoholic and couldn't keep a job or commit to a husband. Instead she would basically latch on to any guy who would move in and drink with her but have enough money to pay the bills. I never liked any of them much but one of them, Andy, was the worst. My mom was going through a tough time when Andy moved in; she told me she had married him but I suspected she hadn't as later I found out I was right. I was also having terrible problems at school; expelled once for fighting and skipping school and like smoking, stupid stuff, but I began having suicidal thoughts. Mo mom stayed in her room most of the time, and I saw much more of him than my own mom. I was 12 when he first started coming into my room at night. When it first happened I remember thinking, it was ok, he was just checking that I was ok, that kind of thing. He didn't do anything at first, just came in my room and sat in a chair for a while. It scared me but I pretended to be asleep and he didn't do anything. Not long after that started he came in the room with another guy, that I later found out, according to police, was his brother. They both started just sitting on my bed while I laid there, not doing anything, for long periods of time. When they left Andy would whisper "don't say anything" and since I was pretending to sleep, I don't know why now, but I never said a word. Not long after this started, which happened at least twice a week, I heard my bedroom door open and this other guy (who I later found out was Andy's brother) came in my room after I had gone to bed and sat down as he usually did next to me; only this time, he started touching me. He told me to do what he said or he would tell Andy and I would be sent away -- which is exactly what the school was telling me at the time. I did what he said. At first he just felt me around my breasts and vagina but a few days later he started rubbing his penis around my face and made me touch it. That progressed until I started rubbing his penis and he ********** on my face and breasts. All of this made be terrified but at the same time I felt like it was a secret that set me apart; I'm embarassed to say, but when I went to school after one of his visits to me I felt superior to the other girls, since I knew from their gossip that they had never done anything like I had with a man. Over the next year my activity with Andy's brother progressed, up to the point that one night he started pushing his penis into my anus. I had never felt any pain like that and for the first time I started fighting him off. I am not a big person (I am only 5' 4'' and weigh 115) and at that time I'm pretty sure I weighed less. I was no match for him; he put the weight of his body on me and a pillow over my head and raped me anally. I'll never forget the rip I felt inside me the first time; and the blood and other stuff that poured out of me after he grunted out his ****** and the rough feeling of his penis leaving my anus. This went on for weeks and weeks, at least twice and sometimes more every week, and always well into the evening or early morning. Sometimes he just turned me over on his back and made me put my hand on his penis while her ***********; that meant I would have to clean up ***** on my breasts and face after he **********. But most to the time he wanted me to elevate my buttocks up off the bed while he shoved his penis into my anus. I mostly recall the smell and weight of him, and the sensation of him *********** inside me, and ***** coming out of me during the night. He was fat and very hairy and I would find his pubic hairs all over the bed, and often in my mouth if he forced me orally. After he had an ****** I would always take up the sheets and put them in the wash in an effort to erase what had happened, but every time I put them back on the bed, he would come back, and rape me again. This went on for weeks until Children Youth Services appeared one day and put me in a foster home; I didn't see my mom for the next 18 months. I was very angry about this though and it took me 6 weeks to tell anybody about Andy and his brother. Apparently both of them fled although the police did confirm that Andy had a brother and he had been convicted of a sex crime (they wouldn't say which kind) two years earlier. I can't prove that it was Andy's brother that raped me but I'm convinced it was him. It took many years of therapy to come out on the other side where I am today; I'm single and some would say promiscuous and I do tend to favor anal sex with my boyfriends, and I'm having some trouble settling down with any one of them. But at least I don't have suicidal thoughts and I'm over the anorexia, for now at least, so that's good.
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baldandbeautiful, I went through something similar but it was my boyfriend at the time, and he did it in front of my niece, who was 8 at the time. I still have nightmares and flashbacks about it.

if you would like a boyfriend to have promiscuous anal sex, please let me know. I'd love to make you happy :)

I'm sorry you went through such a terrible time!<br />
I hope you find a way to heal from this!

I hope your life becomes one ba<x>sed on your true happiness. If possible, try to see a therapist periodically to help in the process.

I am sorry to hear...