I Was 5 When My Older Sister Forced Me To Suck Her Husbands ****

I was 5 and always looked older I am not proud of this time in my life I was forcved to suck my sisters husband **** and let him fill my mouth with his *** which my sister said I had to do.I didnt want to but she forced me to lick him all over then put his **** which was funny looking it wasnt cut it had a hood on it she said its the best kind to learn on I asked her why was she doing this to me her reply was you are just daddies littel girl so you might want to learn how to please your daddy some night when mom isnt around hewill enjoy it,I had to do when I was little know you can do it. & you must always swallow it no dripping,if mom finds out you will sent away.I did do my dad for many years the first time was when I was 7 he tugged me into bed one night om was away he stared out touching me & when he started to touch me down there I blurted out do you want a BJ he jumped back & said what did you say,I said Jennife told me what she had to do with you. He sai OK and I did with him from 7 years old until he died a week ago.I have become a deepthroat master swallow every thing that the ***** produce. I am a true lover of ***.So yes It has changed my life I cannot live w/out fresh *** going down my throat every day. My husband who is BI is OK with this and brings home guys that dont get head at home but they do here.
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Well we should meet up and you should suck my ****

daddies *** is good

I started when i was 6 with my brother having me blow him then our sister caught me and she would use a strap-on while i blew my brother

Can you tell me the story

Ive suckd a few hung guys

were you ever lucky enough to suck your Daddy?


do you still have a relationship with your brother-in-law?


Did your mom ever find out?

I told my Parents and was scolding for telling lies about there friends.

Yes and she didnt say anything to anyone just made us aware that she knew.

Your welcome

Wow...That was quite a hot story. Thank you for sharing this unique experience, to our big EP Family..........

Wow, that to me is.....well awful, I was the same age and did for 5 yrs. Im now 21 and just now giving my HUSBAND oral.........

Shornmak sure do any married guy that is need of busting a nut and filling my mouth and throat ,why are you interested?

Your welcome so I quess pratice makes perfect I still am depthroating married guiys and making them smile,no lipstick on there colar

do you like oldder guys ??

Yes do you like man women or both yummo

thank you for sharing.